So it IS Pink!


Oh wait, this post won’t require a “jump”. Yeah, so I’m sick. As in under the weather. Hopefully when I awake, I’ll feel better rather than worse. Meanwhile, I’m watching the “Kamen Rider Decade, All Riders, Super Spin-off Net Movie”.

It is genuinely hilarious and therefore genuinely awesome. It’s just a series of short sketches, some longer than others, where the actors and writers and production staff poke fun at the Kamen Rider franchise. It’s got some neat trivia like Faiz originally being a shark motif character (but they admit, everyone thinks he’s just one of those traffic controller guys), and then there’s Decade’s primary color being PINK. The actor insists that it’s Magenta the way Donut insists that it’s Light-ish Red. Meanwhile, they have a re-enactment where one production/designer guy insists that pink isn’t a heroic or manly color, but another designer/production guy saying that pink will be a fad in the coming year. Which may well have been true, if dramatized.

They also admit to being chauvinistic with having very few female Riders and not wanting to up the count by recognizing Tackle as a Rider.

A lot of this is due to the awesomeness of Narutaki (guy in brown coat, hat and wearing glasses). Who devolves into a ball of incoherent hate whenever the character of Decade is brought up.

All in all, a great series, check it out. TVNihon and Order of Zeronos have subs out. Here’s a YouTube link to the first part, from which you can also get the other parts from. And by “you” I mean Chad and Josh.

Part 5 starts off awesome. They totally have a Dis-Continuty Nod to Kamen Rider G, which was a one off special they did for SMAP (I think it was SMAP). And the other announcer dude (who did the voice for Ryuutaros) totally pwns the lead guy with his catchphrase.

Note: One reason why this rocks is because it’s TRUE. There’s one bit where Narutaki says Riders should not fight with weapons, or that RX was a HERESY (because he used a weapon while his immediate (same character) predecessor did not).

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