Ani-meh Brogg

I know I’m biased, and I haven’t been reading as many anime blogs as I used to, but Mecha-Guignol’s probably the best one out right now, the question is whether it can maintain its pace and quality.

I don’t wanna name names, but there’s a couple that I used to follow that alas, aren’t quite as neat these days, especially since they’ve fallen to the moe bug it seems, and they don’t cover non-moe stuff as much anymore.

Toy-wise, I’m still feeling under the weather, so pic taking and reviews is a toughie to manage, but I’ll most likely go back to some Transformers or even G.I. Joe reviews for the next one, since a bunch of my readers ain’t into imports. I also plan to update the Black Arachnia one with my own pics. That particular review has consistently been getting views despite being an older toy stuck in the middle of this blog’s lifespan.

I wanna get Mindwipe de Cybertronia, whose been out for a week or two here already, and I’m scheduled to finally pick up Alternity Cliff next weekend. So maybe one of those next. Either that or an older (25th Anniversary) Joe toy.

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