SIC Kiwami Tamashii Faiz Wrap-Up

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Part 1: Kamen Rider Faiz
Part 2: 555 Axel/Accel Form
Part 3: Ø Blaster Form

All 3 versions of SIC Kiwami Tamashii Faiz are excellent figures. If you can afford them, recommended despite the price.

SIC Kiwami Tamashii is a line that that reproduces Bandai’s SIC (Super Imaginative Chogokin) line in 3.75″/4″ scale. SIC in turn, is a line with hyper stylized realizations of various characters, mostly Kamen Rider. In this case, the titular protagonist of the 2003-2004 TV series Kamen Rider Faiz.

So I’ve already done a review on all 3 figures, as linked above. To summarize, all 3 figures are excellent in terms of sculpt, articulation, accessories etc. They’re a little pricey if you’re paying shipping on top of the suggested retail price, but as far as 3.75″/4″ figures go, they’re among the best. Regular Faiz himself is the best of the 3, in my view.

Oh, and before I go on further, I’d just like to note that the packaging for all 3 figures are really collector friendly. They’re compact and easily displayable, but it’s also a real cinch to put the figures back into their original packaging. Simple, yet elegant in their effectiveness.

So the purpose of this wrap-up is actually to suggest to you, the reader and potential buyer, to just go ahead and buy all 3 figures if you can afford it. At the SRP of 1200 Yen a pop, they ain’t cheap for their size. Where I’m from, I’m already paying almost as much for a regular Basic/Scout Transformer or even a G.I. Joe, so the price isn’t too prohibitive to me, considering what I’m already paying for “normal” toys. But I understand if that price may be too high for you to justify, wherever you may be from.

With that said, the reason why I’d suggest all 3 is because they’re the same character.

So why is that a reason to collect all 3? Why not just get the base form of Faiz or his most powerful form? Well, it’s because they’re actually the same character that they look great together. Despite being the main character on the show, the Faiz design is actually pretty darn plain. And despite the stylization these figures got from being a part of the SIC line, they still come off as a “Faceless” trio.

As a result, they would actually make great army builders. But of course, they’re not the cheapest mooks around. It would be fiscally unreasonable to suggest you get a dozen each for army building purposes. However, getting all 3 forms would allow you to constitute a squad of ’em. They look great together, and each is pretty distinct from the other, despite the same basic aesthetic and sharing the same engineering.

So that’s my recommendation. It’s something of a splurge, but still, you’re getting 3 excellent figures that will go well with your other figures of the same scale. Not only that, you’d save on shipping if you get all 3 at once.

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