Poll: Marvel Universe

I’ve gone and took some pictures of RotF Mindwipe, not very good, but they’ll have to do. A review’ll be forth coming once my connection stops sucking.

Now, to all you guys who comment on this here blog (all 2 or 4 of you). A question.

If you would be so kind, can y’all tell me if Marvel Universe figures are any good? When the MU line was first announced, I was totally all over it. I saw some favorable reviews, and after awhile, I finally got myself Captain America and Spider-Man. The problem is, they kinda suck. Especially Cap.

Is it me, or are MU figures loose and rubbery? How do they compare to figures like G.I. Joe in terms of durability and tightness of joints or hardness of plastic? Did I just so happen to get a couple bum figures?

For all these months, I keep seeing these guys on the pegs and I keep finding myself tempted to grab ’em. But every time I do, I have to remind myself of Cap and Spidey.

So, should I give the line a second chance or are Cap and Spidey the norm?

You tell me.

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4 Responses to Poll: Marvel Universe

  1. Faxon says:

    I don’t buy many 3 3/4 inch figures. Since most retail for £8, the same price as a scout class transformer, they just don’t do much for me. Even when the price is slashed, they just seem too, samey to me. Transformers have spoiled me.

    • updatedude says:

      Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to justify the price, considering that Scout classes are far more complicated. Heck, even Scouts are hard to justify for me, because Deluxes aren’t much more expensive. RotF was the exception though, I just didn’t like most of the Deluxes, but the Scouts have all been exceptional.

  2. clark says:

    I have Spider-man, Cap, Red Hulk, Blade and Black Spider-man (actually I gave Black SM away, I really disliked him). I have been really tempted to get an Iron Man, but I have not because I have come to the same conclusion as you: Marvel Universe figures aren’t that good.
    They all feel cheap with articulation that is only “pretty good.” Actually I like Red Hulk, but just because he is fun, his plastic is still very rubbery and his legs basically have no articulation.
    Even when TRU recently had them on save 2 for $10, I still couldn’t get myself to drop the money on them. G.I. Joe is putting out much better products in terms of sculpt, durability, plastic quality and overall fun. So, that’s what I think.

    • updatedude says:

      Thanks Clark, that’s precisely what I wanted to know. I’m glad someone’s confirmed this issue for me. It’s just that MU figures have a great selection of characters (paint seems to typically suck, but that’s another issue), and yeah, I’ve been tempted to get one of the Ironmen myself, as well as the Spider-Friends 3-Pack and that other 3-Pack with the yellow Daredevil.

      But the loose-ish joints and rubbery plastic just doesn’t jive. Thanks again, you’ve helped washed away a lot of regret for passing some characters up.

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