Hauliday 20100124

Liar liar pants on malice and ire!

So check it out, I went way out of my way to pick up my pre-order of Alternity Cliff, but the store guy didn’t have any stock at the store itself. I guess I shoulda PMed him first. Also, I went there around noon, because I was told by a friend that this shop only opened from 2pm onwards. Having gone there quite a few times already, I’ve come to the conclusion that this proclamation is bullshit. He’s a nice guy, but he’s exceedingly awful about punctuality and anything to do with time.

Anyway, the haul. First up is a 3.75″ scale Silver Surfer and Bastista. I got these loose at a flea market, so Silver Surfer is without his surfboard. I’m fine with that. He seems to be a custom though, since he seems shinier than I would think these guys (Marvel Showdown?) normally are, but mostly because the torso and waist joints seem overly stiff. It’s possible someone’s done a paint job on ’em? Who knows, SS still looks fantabulous though. His hips were loose, but I fixed that right up.

Then there’s Batista, a wrestler dude. The sculpting, articulation and tampo & paint apps are impressive. Again, I had loose hips to tighten up, but otherwise, I’m super impressed. I kinda wish these guys were more readily available, I’d love to get a bunch of these figures, as Batista here is a solid figure. Except for one thing. You see that Mandalorian helmet I put over his head? Yeah, so the reason is because they sculpted him with an opened mouth. Not just any opened mouth though. An opened mouth that looks to be the result of Batista getting his nads kicked in, and then when he opens his mouth to scream in man-pain, an invisible man stuffs his porn star sized penis into poor Batista’s mouth. Seriously, that’s what it looks like. On the plus side, they’ve actually painted his lips and the interior of his mouth pink, and even painted his teeth. But he still looks like he’s giving a painful bout of fellatio.

So, that icky descript out of the way, next up is the SDCC Destro 2-Pack. The packaging is awesome. It totally feels like a book. I just love opening and closing it, since it has that nice THUMP! you get from closing a big ol’ hardcover.

Finally, there’s Sonic Bomber. It’s the Korean version, but it’s got the same paint job as the Japanese version. Not only that, but this seems to be based on the version of Sonic Bomber with the running change. You see, the original Sonic Bomber’s grid iron face was slightly out of alignment, which resulted in him looking pretty dorky in the face. The American and all future versions fixed that problem. This one seems to be the fixed version. Anyway, I only paid the price of a Voyager for this guy, the OLD price of a Voyager. That’s a pretty friggin’ good deal here, since Galaxy Force toys are way overpriced. I’m tempted to grab some of the other Korean Galaxy Force toys as well, but the only one I don’t already have the mold of is Nitro Convoy/Overdrive. I guess I’m sorta missing Beast Convoy/Scourge as well, since I got the Cryotek version, but without a tail.

Oh, and Sonic Convoy rocks pretty damn hard. In and of itself, the toy is actually not as good as I thought it’d be. But combined with the Leader Class Prime from Galaxy Force/Cybertron? Whoooooa Nelly, I don’t understand it, but despite having smaller guns than the Prime’s default super mode, the Sonic Convoy combination somehow still ends up looking even more armed to the teeth. I’m totally pleased with this guy, but I’m reluctant to display him as living in a tropical country, I get quite a bit of sunlight. I’m afraid of him getting prematurely yellowed.

Overall, it’s been a good haul. I’ll probably grab Alternity Cliff near the end of next month, since the holidays are coming up where I am, so I’m actually a bit too busy to trudge all the way to that store again. At least it’ll be a good chance to grab some more of that Korean Galaxy Force stuff though. I’m tempted to grab Exellion, since I’ve always wanted the blue version, despite the limited articulation.

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4 Responses to Hauliday 20100124

  1. clark says:

    I can’t tell for sure, but that looks like a ML Showdown Silver Surfer. I have the same figure. Maybe somebody modified his waste articulation, because his torso is sitting on a balljoint, but it does not offer many possibilities in terms of posing. I have shaved his body back trying to free up tilt motion, but it still just doesn’t work well.

    • updatedude says:

      He seems pretty good to me in terms of posability actually. I haven’t really messed around with him, and the hips look like they’ll pop off if you spread them too far, but otherwise, seems decent enough. At the least, he seems to be the best looking Surfer of this scale. The ones from the MU line don’t quite have as impressive a face.

  2. clark says:

    I should have clarified…he is incredibly articulated, the waste is the only area that gave me any trouble, but I really like the figure. I’m not sure why I like the Silver Surfer so much, as a kid I thought he was incredibly dull, but about five years ago I fell in love with him. I like the way the MU Surfer looks (especially the paint), but his articulation seems to be a bit lacking.

    • updatedude says:


      I dunno, his face looks better than the MU version to me, and MU Iceman actually looks like he’d make a more decent Surfer to me, for some reason. But that’s me, I mean, the art changes from artist to artist after all.

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