Hauliday 20100127 & News

Two forces waging endless war! And everyday they wage some more!

I got a stupid looking Dennis Quaid with birthing hips. He comes with a decent selection of guns as well as miscellaneous items like a suitcase, the Pit and ping pong paddles.

Finally got ROC Shipwreck and Breaker.

Got a Vehicle 2-Pack consisting off a snow ski thingy with Snow Job and a Mole Pod with a Viper of some sort. Between Snow Job and Shipwreck, I now have the requisite Joes necessary to recreate the Ballad of G.I. Joe. I still need Tomax and Xamot, as well as Dr. Mindbender to fill out the Cobra side though. And maybe some more Drednoks, for the full authentic feel.

The following are my opinion on some toy news, as I wrote ’em, I began to think, this might be something worth doing a regular feature with. Alas, this first go around is weak and random, but y’might be seeing such commentary in future Turquoise Version posts.

In toy news, I’ve got a pretty bad feeling that my country won’t carry anymore G.I. Joe toys. Joes have never been big here, probably because of the whole American thing, but considering we got very little beyond the first wave of Rise of Cobra toys and they’ve been going on clearance for quite awhile now (whereas stuff like Power Rangers and DC Infinite whatever have been allowed to peg warm for YEARS), I predict that Joes are on their way out where I am. Which is a shame, because aside from the great upcoming figures they’ve got planned, Joes are also gonna have a whole bunch of mechs as well. In addition to repaints, Joes are slated to get some sorta Moespeda type bike armor toys as well as out and out full sized Mechwarrior style mechs. This sucks.

In happier news, FansProject’s Bruticus Add-On set will not just have extra bits to make Bruticus more G1 accurate and Masterpiece-like, but will have two full blown Scout class figures to take the place of Blast Off and Swindle. This is schweeeeet, though it’ll probably be really expensive. Here’s to hoping FP can somehow keep the price down, perhaps though a higher production run?

UGO.com has released pics of the upcoming War for Cybertron Optimus Prime, who looks pretty good, but Megatron is gimpy. Prime doesn’t look as Animated-style as he does in the War for Cybertron trailers, and instead, has a strong reminiscence to his 2007 Movie Preview: Protoform Prime figure, while also maintaining a blocky G1 style. Upon consideration, I think this will be a fine figure, especially if it is to be a mere Deluxe. It’s always nice to have a non-gargantuan Prime leading the troops every now and then.

Meanwhile, Megatron looks to be mis-transformed and not given his primary weapon to hold, but even if that is the case, I see little merit in getting him. It seems to me that the Animated Deluxe or Voyager Megatron, covers this particular visual aesthetic. The Voyager version in particular, lacks the overly exaggerated warpage that other Animated figures have. Thus, in terms of aesthetics, Animated Voyager and the upcoming War for Cybertron Megatrons are about equal, while both have crappy alt-modes. But the Animated one has a bit more name value, since his media counterpart is the rather awesomelicious Corey Burton Megs.

Starscream looks like his 2007 Protoform version, as such, I don’t have much interest in Screamer, since that Protoform toy is one of the worst pieces of crap to carry the Transformers name.

Bumblebee… eh, if I’ll probably grab him just for consumerism’s sake.

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2 Responses to Hauliday 20100127 & News

  1. Faxon says:

    Holy hell, that’s a big playset. Joes are dissapearing here too- 8 months ago gi joe wasn’t sold here, in 4 months all the stock will have probably been sold. Still, marvel universe finally showed up in the uk, so I can get a 3 3/4 figure fix from there If I ever want any figures in that scale.

    I’m kind of disinterested in upcoming transformers stuff too, even the bruticus add on kit. They just don’t mesh well with the energon style in my opinion. Plus, if a random just clamours for everything to just be the same old, the line will die. Or end up like heman, I’m not sure which is the worse fate.

  2. updatedude says:

    It’s pretty big yeah, hard to peg the size down actually. It can feel kinda small, but then you compare it with other toys and suddenly it dwarfs them.

    I’m actually looking forward to the Bruticus Add-On set, and some of the Deluxes coming out, as well as the recently announced figures. I’m not a fan of the RotF/Universe Hybrids though. I’m interested in most of them, but at the same time, well, they aren’t as bad as full blown RotF but I’d have liked them to be more Universe/Classics myself. I’m just not a fan of movie-verse aesthetics. Not because I’m Geewun, but because they simply aren’t aesthetically pleasing to me.

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