Turquoise Colored News (Feb 9/10)

Landon: Have you seen the Sunred Figma?
* Updatedude goes to look.
* Updatedude is preparing to type fuck or maybe fuuuuuck when he sees the images
Updatedude: fuuuuuuck
Updatedude: Oh god, fuck YES!

So yeah, Sunred Figma, along with General Vamp and the Animal Soldiers. I’m totally gonna skip the upcoming Usa Nendroid in anticipation of these.

Between Sunred, Pretty Cure, Ultraman and Michael Jackson, WonFes has been a vile temptress to me. I’ll probably also grab the Black Rock Shooter Figma, since I like the character designs.

Add in the upcoming Subaru Nakajima Figma (I can skip her lesbian lover), I’ve got like, 10 must haves this coming year (7, if I skip the Black Rock Shooters).

Actually, make that 11, I think Robot Damashii is coming out with Dann of Thursday, from Gun X Sword as well.

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