RotF Voyager Mindwipe

Mindwipe de Cybertronia commands you! Look into my eeeeeeyes!

(Warning: Pic heavy)

Great vehicle mode, decent transformation and good robot mode. He’s got an interesting aesthetic and is well articulated. Recommended.

Mindwipe is a Revenge of the Fallen toy. Like Bludgeon, this Voyager sized fellow is an homage to an old and somewhat obscure character, in this case, the Decepticon Headmaster of the same name, Mindwipe. The original’s a bat with mind taaaaaking powers.

In stealth jet mode, Mindwipe is very likely, the best stealth bomber in the entire history of Transformers. Since the only other stealth bombers (of the vaguely F-17 variety) are the Cybertron Soundwave mold, Gigant Bomb, kinda sorta Energon Wingsaber and some Minicons, I guess that ain’t too hard. But he’s still the best, and is excellent in his own right. He’s very flat, with a minimal of undercarriage and kibble. And heck, he’ll even have a combination with the Skystalker Scout/Basic figure.

Transformation is fairly simple yet interesting. The instructions are rubbish, because it doesn’t really tell you what you need to do for the first step. I’d recommend tracking down a YouTube review video which showcases the transformation to see how it’s done, because not only are the instructions unclear, but what’s portrayed there is also pretty much impossible to do without potentially breaking the toy. And after that first step, the rest of the transformation is pretty simple and intuitive.

Robot mode looks good. His eyes are the first thing you’ll notice, and I super dig ’em. As for the rest of him, again, he looks good. He’s got a very nice, bat-like look to him as a throwback to his namesake. The “ice ski” daggers on his arms also look good once in hand. Personally, I think people who say the “ice ski” look of the daggers is dorky are just waaaay exaggerating and overreacting.

So, proportions are good, as is articulation. He’s got all the major movements you need. Universal ships and shoulders, balljointed neck, good knees and elbows and swivels for the thighs and biceps and a few other points of articulation. But that’s all you really absolutely need. His feet are kinda narrow, but you can cheat by swinging out his landing gear to maintain better balance.

So, awesome right? Weeeeell, maybe. Maybe not. Mindwipe is one of those toys which is technically awesome, has good feel and character and so forth as well, but for some reason, just doesn’t do it for me personally. I still think he’s a worthy addition to my collection, but I just ain’t feeling “it” for some reason. But that’s probably just me. For most people, he’ll probably be awesome. If nothing else, he’s still a really good toy.

This is a good toy that scores well in all categories. Mindwipe is arguably the best stealth bomber Transformer out there, period. He’s worth full retail price.

Pros: Good, characterful sculpt for robot mode. Good articulation and transformation. Exceptional alt-mode.
Cons: Nothing on a technical level, but I’m just not feeling him for some reason.

Rank: B+

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6 Responses to RotF Voyager Mindwipe

  1. Faxon says:

    The movie look isn’t too strong with this dude is it?

    This is another figure that, while nice enough, will inevitably be put back on the shelf due to price- deluxe figures satisfy me more than voyagers in terms of value to be honest. He’s just not nice enough to break that trend.

  2. clark says:

    I’ve really been impressed with the transformers I’ve picked up lately (I especially like the ROTF Lockdown) and this is one I’m interested in, but like Faxon I tend to put the voyagers+ back on the shelf to save money.
    On the plus side I’ve been getting some great deals on clearance items. I picked up MP skywarp for $20 last week, and found Shadow Blade Megatron today for $15. I’m trying to fill out some of my animated ranks before I can’t find them anymore.
    Thanks for the review, updatedude. I’ll probably wait on picking this guy up and see what other deluxes come out (can’t wait for the War for Cybertron figures)

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