ToyFair ’10: Valentine’s Edition

You’ve won my heart Toy Fair, now let me give you money in exchange for plastic.

A quick run through.

There are lots of neat G.I. Joes, but for reasons of distribution, I’ll probably never be able to get them short of ordering them online and paying stupidly high shipping cost for them. So much that it pains me, I probably won’t be able to get many, if any, new Joes.

But onto happier news, RotF Scout class has 2 new figures so far. A red robot that transforms into a classic kinda car you’d see in Batman: The Animated Series, and a motorcycle. I’ll probably skip the motorcycle, ’cause while I think it looks good, it’s not a must buy for me personally. The car though, is a total must get.

Power Core Combiners (PCC), yeah, I’m getting the whole line. Superion looks awful and gimpy as per usual, but I’ll pick him up anyway. Bruticus is awesome except for a gimpy right arm, but he’s still a must buy for me. These 5-packs look like they’ll be taller than Voyagers, but scrawnier. Which is fair, considering their 20 USD price point.

All the other PCC? Totally getting as well, even those that don’t look very good. I think this is what we wanted for Armada, little power up robots that turn into weapons. Though to be fair, due to the limited number of basic weapon types, they probably couldn’t maintain a mainline for it. Hence the need to make mini-vehicles out of the original Armada Minicons. But as a sub-line? PCC looks pretty neat.

War for Cybertron. Was gonna get Prime anyway, but Bumblebee looks good here. Really interesting vehicle mode and a robot mode that looks much better than I thought it would. I’ll grab him too. Waiting for pics of Megatron and Starscream now. Megatron I’m on the fence about. Let’s see if they can make him awesome. Starscream, bleh, not very interested, because he looks too similar to that godawful 2007 Protoform Starscream. Who knows, they might change my mind with a good toy pic, but for now, skipping ’em.

Classics 3.0. Thrust, must get. Drift, sure, will get. Seaspray, duh, will get. Jetblade, who is a repaint of RotF Dirge, I’ll skip on account of him being a repaint. Nothing else interests me for the time being.

Human Alliance Jazz, skipping. Unfortunately, I’ve come to accept that I hate the core character designs for the Bay movies.

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2 Responses to ToyFair ’10: Valentine’s Edition

  1. Faxon says:

    As usual, the scouts look awesome. I’m really looking forwards to deluxe Ironhide out of all we’ve been shown though. The powercore line reminds me of armada, which makes me very happy. Not feeling much love for the 5 packs, but if the other commanders torso modes aren’t too bad, I’ll buy the 5 packs to get those limbs.

    • updatedude says:

      Yeah, lots of stuff to get this time around. The Power Core Combiners are a definite for me, as well a bunch of the Generations line. I’m down with the War for Cybertron Autobots, but will have to wait and see with the Decepticons.

      Overall, this is gonna be a pretty spendifirous year for me.

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