Kamen Rider IXA

Reader, return that button to God (7-5-3)!

An excellent looking sculpt with great articulation, paint apps and lots of accessories. Recommended.

Released by Bandai in January 2010 at 3200 Yen, this S.H. Figuarts of Kamen Rider IXA (Interceptor X Attacker) comes from the 2008 TV series of Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Kiva. The show’s story was told between two time periods. In 1986, the IXA armor was finally completed and saw action against various monsters known as “Fangire”. However, this version placed a potentially terminal stress on the body of its user, and lacked many weapons the newer model would possess. The 2008 model of IXA not only solved the suit’s fatal weakness, but has a more powerful “Burst Mode” as well as a plethora of weapons. This toy is able to represent both versions of IXA, but it’s obviously intended to be the 2008 model, as worn by the knight templar, Nago Keisuke.

The sculpt is beautiful. I’ve always loved the IXA design, not just because it’s a good looking design in general, but the absence of the traditional Kamen Rider compound eyes meant that he could blend in with even non-Kamen Rider types. Not to mention, as striking and attractive as the white knight design is, there’s also a facelessness to it that further enhances it’s cross saleability.

Of course, it would be blasphemous to do away with the insectoid compound eyes entirely, so IXA compromises by giving us “Burst Mode”, which doesn’t look quite that bad once you get used to it and recognize its themes, but it’s still kind of silly looking to the average person. Still, it’s wholly optional, I for one prefer the “Save Mode” (with visor) version of IXA.

General design choices and aesthetic preferences aside, IXA really is a gorgeous piece of work with lots of details I’ve simply never even noticed on the show before. Whether or not this makes him more, or less, show accurate, it doesn’t really matter, simply because he just looks fiiiiiiine.

Articulation is standard SH Figuarts fare, he’s got double everything, triple everything else and quadruple whatever’s left. The hips bear mentioning though. They’re actually quite similar to the DCUC style of hips, in that despite appearances, they’re swivel and hinge joints. HOWEVER, unlike DCUC figures, IXA’s crotch doesn’t look like it’s been ripped asunder when you lift it up the side. It’s really a simple yet effective solution to the weakness of the DCUC hips. Rather than move the entire pelvis, the hinge on IXA only moves his leg/thigh, thus there’s no need for the ridiculous broken crotch syndrome that plague DCUC figures.

Accessories are also pretty plentiful for a SH Figuarts. It’s more or less complete. You’ve got an alternate head so you can switch between Save and Burst modes, 2 extra pair of hands, his gunsword (IXA Caliber) in both gun and sword forms, 2 sets of Fustles, the IXA Knuckle and 2 IXA buckles, one for before, and the other for after you’ve removed the IXA Knuckle. Finally, he comes with a display stand with a random phrase written on it. Sadly, mine is NOT the one with the famous “Please return that (your) life to God” catchphrase.

A good figure overall, and certainly one of the best looking designs for a Kamen Rider out there. You can enjoy him whether or not you’re a fan of the franchise. Price is a tad higher than other S.H. Figuarts, but I actually found mine for about the same price as previous Figuarts. Perhaps the Yen was weak around the time he was released? In any case, the plentiful accessories help make up for the pricing anyway.

Pros: Looks awesome, is well articulated and loaded with accessories. Price is higher, but justified.
Cons: Price is higher than other Figuarts, though justified.

Grade: A

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