Hana (19 Years Old Ver.)

Yea or Nae?
A decent figure that’s no way indicative of the S.H. Figuarts line. A good grab if you’re a fan of Hana, but otherwise, not an essential buy. Mildly recommended.

Released in August 2009 and priced at 3300 Yen, S.H. Figuarts Hana (19 Years Old Ver.) is of course, a Figuart of adult Hana. Funny, for some reason I thought she was supposed to be 22 in the show? Anyway, she’s from the 2007 TV series of the live action Kamen Rider show; the exceptionally successful and therefore prolific, Kamen Rider Den-O.

About a third into the series, her actress left the show. At first, it was said to be due to illness, but apparently it was due to her wanting to get off a children’s TV show in favor of focusing on being a gravure model (bikini/lingerie model aka softcore porn). She was replaced by a younger version of “herself” named Kohana; because Den-O was a time travelling show, they could ignore physics like that.

This toy is the first female Figuarts figure, and let me tell ya, the PINK packaging is almost on par with S.H. Figuarts Decade’s… almost.

Figuarts Hana looks like an animated version of Hana. Which is to say she doesn’t look very much like the real Hana at all. At least, not her face. There have been other animated versions of the women of Kamen Rider before, and in that regard, this Hana looks to be a reasonable facsimile of previous versions of her. But if there’s one feature the actress who played Hana was prominent for, it’d be that she had really luscious lips. It would have been nice if they sculpted pouty lips for her.

On the other hand, at least the facial expressions for her are all adequately “angry”. She spent a lot of time being angry at the “monsters” on the show, so having an assortment of angry faces is good. I just wish she had a regular neutral face that looked straight ahead as well though. As is, all her faces are angry and they all look to the side for some reason.

In addition to her 2 extra faces, she comes with just one extra pair of hands. This is a pretty skimpy figure in terms of accessories, I’m afraid.

Another thing is that her hair is slightly flared out. Which looks fine even in a neutral pose, but since the “real” Hana had to conform to stuff like gravity and physics, her hair was usually straight and downward. So while it’s not a huge knock against the hair sculpt, it’s not exactly “show accurate”.

Otherwise, this is an acceptable representation of an animated Hana. She’s wearing her signature frilly dress. Which is how we can tell she’s Hana. We certainly couldn’t tell from her big pouty lips, because she doesn’t have ’em! *ahem*

I have to say though, in comparison to other Figuarts, the detail on Hana is lacking. Her frilly skirt has decent detail, but nothing spectacular. Otherwise, she’s a pretty flat figure. It’d have been nice if they did something with her pantyhose for instance. Gave it more texture or something. Considering the insane levels of detail they do for some of the other Kamen Rider Figuarts, it feels like they could have done better.

Her shoulders are also weird. They have the double ball jointed pectorals thing Figuarts have, but Hana can’t really shrug her shoulders up. She’s left with a permanent, neutral to slightly slumped pair of shoulders.

Articulation is also kind of lacking. One area of note are her elbows, which look to be double jointed, but aren’t. They’re actually just a single hinge with better than average (but not exceptional) bending range. I suppose they didn’t want to break up the sculpt by giving her actual double hinges, but if that’s the case, a regular single joint would have been better, since it’d look better.

A lot of Hana’s joints are also just regular swivel & hinge balls, which means that while she’s acticulated, she isn’t quite on the level of most Figuarts. In fact, she’s “only” on the level of Revoltech/Figma/Atelier Sai figures. Okay, maybe not that bad, but she’s hardly on par with most Figuarts.

Balance is kinda wonky. The center of gravity seems off somehow. Maybe I don’t deal with enough female articulated figures? Once you get the right feel for her down, balance isn’t really an issue anymore. In fact, she’s pretty posable. Hana has no problem standing up straight, which sadly, I can’t say for most Revoltech. And she’s able to assume quite a few poses. They aren’t as EXTREEEEEEME as you’d be able to get from a regular Figuarts, but she’ll do just about anything you need her to do (which is to say, wrestling moves). Although since her feet are neither diecast nor composed of 1400 components like most Figuarts are, she’s limited with some of her kick poses.

Finally, in terms of scale, Hana is nowhere tall enough. She’s basically a slightly taller and less anorexic Duel Maid. Which is to say that she looks more like she’s 16 to 17, rather than 19. It’s sort of in scale with a 6″ figure, if you consider that she’s a Japanese teenager, and stuff like Marvel Legends are typically tall, beefy Caucasians.

I’ve got a lot of bad things to say about Hana, but they’re mostly just nickpicks or comparisons with the male Figuarts toys. On her own, Hana is quite good, and is pretty good as far as female figures go. Still, she’s an early attempt in Figuarts, and nowhere as good as her male brethren. She’s worth getting if you’re a fan of Kamen Rider and of Den-O in particular. If you liked Hana from the show, this figure’s a good buy, especially if you also have the Imagin toys. Otherwise, I’d recommend saving your cash for something else. She’s not a bad figure, but not the best toy you can buy with your hard earned moolah.

Pros: Decent sculpt. Good posability. Essential character if you’re an Imagin fan.
Cons: Sculpt and articulation not up to Figuarts par. Low accessory count. No forward looking eyes.

Grade: B-

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3 Responses to Hana (19 Years Old Ver.)

  1. Faxon says:

    This looks like a decent but not outstanding figure. Tis odd that the box is pink to the extreme despite the figure itself not having any pink itself.

  2. updatedude says:

    Well, she is a GIRL. Girls wear pink. Like Dan Hibiki.

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