Hauliday + Rant

Warmachine and the Mark I Iron Man (aka First Appearance Iron Man). Both comic versions.

So here’s my quick rant. Iron Man figures are pretty cool. They look fantastic. And have a very complete set of articulation.

Sure they have the usual shoddy paint applications and the way their hips are plugged in at the pelvis vertically (rather than horizontally) makes for some weird finagling when you want to pose them. But they’ll still superb toys.

Except they really aren’t much fun to pose & play with. You can pose them and display them. Or you can play with them by smashing them against each other like how most kids seem to play with their toys.

But you can’t really pose them on the fly. What am I talking about? Well, check out these links (same gallery): Here and here.

I did a lot of that posing on the fly. That is to say, I put the two toys against one another and readjusted their balance on the spot. Each pose only took me seconds to achieve. Sure, I pre-posed them for some poses, then adjusted things once I put them together, but still, I could do it all on the spot.

Not so with the Iron Man 2 toys. Due to their weird hips configuration and generally overly tight joints (particularly with the ankles), it’s hard to adjust things in an on the spot. Some parts are easier to move than others, but generally, I found the way to deal with the Iron Man 2 toys is to pre-pose them, then have another, more playable toy do most of the actual work.

Take the HVA Ironman vs Momo gallery here and here for instance. You might notice that HVA Ironman’s poses are generally about the same. It’s Momo who’s doing all the dynamic work.

Anyway, this isn’t to say that they aren’t great toys with great display values. They are. It’s just that they aren’t too much fun when you want to do pose & play. That’s all I’m sayin’.

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2 Responses to Hauliday + Rant

  1. Faxon says:

    I’ll admit, i wsn’t sure about the hip joints myself. This is probably down to most transformers using standard balljoints, but after getting a few figures with decent joints, I prefer the swivel hinge hips on figures this size. though I dislike how many IM2 figures, notable the Mark V and movie war machine, have the thigh sculpt rise over the joint to block the range of motion in the legs.

    Your complaint about using these guys with other figures is valid though. Most of my posing has been done with single figures. Playing with multiple IM2 figures just copounds the problem as then multiple figures require attentive posing.

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