Alternators Sideswipe

Say uncle or my brother’s gay! Or whatever the current canon is.

Yea or Nay?
Great car mode and somewhat decent looking robot mode. Is pretty much a modern brick though. Not recommended.

Alternators was a line of Transformers marketed more toward adult collectors than kids. As such, it had licensed cars and a pretty impressive articulation count for the time. The Japanese version of the toyline, Binaltech, even had diecast parts. Alternators Sideswipe uses one of the first Alternator molds to come out of that line.

This is going to be a short review, simply because I think Sideswipe here is kinda below mediocre. Here’s the thing, the car mode is brilliant. I’m not a car guy, and I prefer my Transformers in robot mode when I display ’em, but Sideswipe looks so dang fine in his car mode that I leave him as a car. But that’s about all there is to this guy.

His robot mode looks decent, though it has some kibble hanging off its back. The proportions in robot mode for the Alternators Dodge Viper mold has always been a tad odd, as the neck and shoulders just seem “off” for some reason. But otherwise, it looks decent enough.

Other than that though, this isn’t a very impressive toy. He’s pretty much a brick. The arms are fairly posable, but they don’t really look that good no matter how you pose them because of how wide the chest is. It’s just not aesthetically pleasing. And the legs are more or less immobile.

As great as the car is, and as almost acceptably good looking as the robot is, this guy just plain fails to impress. If you’re looking for this guy online, I’d say “don’t bother”. Unless he’s pretty darn cheap, I’d say give Alternators Sideswipe a miss and save your money for something better.

This guy just ain’t worth the money. He’s a good display piece in car mode, but in that case, you might want to find an actual model of the car. Robot mode is more or less a bust. He doesn’t look bad I guess, but he doesn’t look that good either, and despite his collector item status, he’s a brick. Skip ’em.

Pros: Car mode is great display piece.
Cons: Mediocre looking robot mode. Brick.

Grade: D-

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2 Responses to Alternators Sideswipe

  1. JudgeG says:

    Great review. I see where you’re coming from with this guy, which is a shame because all the Alternators look good (even the robot modes, if your into that kibble look), but I value articulation. I will admit, Optimus and Shockwave do catch the the eye.

    But, again, great review as always.

    • updatedude says:

      Thanks. I’m actually not overly exposed to Alternators, I’ve got a decent selection of their molds, but I was late to the party. Thanks for commenting.

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