Souchaku Henshin: GE-06 Garo

I’m not Goldar from Power Rangers!

Yea or Nay?
Nicely detailed with loads and loads of heavenly diecast armor pieces. Articulation is limited after putting on the armor, but still a nice display piece. Also, he’s SHINY! MILDLY RECOMMENDED.

Released in March 2006 by Bandai for the Souchaku Henshin line, Garo is the titular character of a series that touted itself as being a more mature Tokusatsu series. Tokusatsu is stuff like Kamen Rider, Ultraman and the Japanese version of Power Rangers. So while Garo had costumed heroes and CGI monsters, it also had stuff like death and topless women. In fact, the first episode more or less opens with death and a topless woman. Go figure.


Souchaku Henshin or Trans Armor Garo here, uses one of the better base bodies from that line. In 2007, the Souchaku Henshin line essentially became proto-S.H. Figuarts. So Garo comes from a time when they were still somewhat short and bulky, but still proportioned and very articulated. Oh, and they still had shrunken heads back then.

Garo’s base body was one of the better ones too, as he had enough paint and details that he’d look good even without his armor on. Without his armor, this is a pretty articulated figure too. Alas, with the armor, his posing is restricted due to the sheer bulk and amount of splendid diecast he has. He becomes a wonderful display piece, but not that useful in the extreme posing department.

This is a very pretty and very VERY SHINY toy when you’ve got everything on. He’s heavy and bulky, which fits the Garo character. But most of all, he’s just shiny and oh-so-pretty.

If you can find him on the cheap, I recommend grabbing him. He’s not that great as a toy, but he makes a good display piece and in theory, he’s fairly poseable.


Some might say that GE-06 Garo is all flash and no substance. But what SHINY flash he has! This guy looks great. You’ll have fun (and a little frustration) putting on his armor. He’s very hefty but still somewhat poseable. And if you can find him for a reasonable price, you won’t feel gypped. If you like the design and have the disposable income, I’d say, get ’em.

Pros: Shiny. Lots of diecast armor. Somewhat poseable.
Cons: Restricted poseability when fully armored.

Grade: B-

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4 Responses to Souchaku Henshin: GE-06 Garo

  1. Faxon says:

    Clearly in the universe where this story is set, touching yourself doesn’t make you go blind, it just shrinks your head.

    Good thing that he looks excellent when armoured up then I guess. Is the movement serously impeded when in the armour, or is it just impeded in the same way that a full suit of armour will impede anyones movement?

    • updatedude says:

      It doesn’t impede things all that much, he can still strike a pose and the joints are nice and tight. He just wouldn’t be able to do some of the crazy poses he’d be able to pull without the armor. Armor pieces might pop off as well, which is a hassle..

      That and being diecast with shiny gold paint, as a collector, you wouldn’t want to mess with him too much, since there’s a fear you might cause accidental paint chipping.

      • Nightslash3535 says:

        Actually, none of the gold armor is painted it was covered in chrome gold-plating (it doesn’t worn out a lot) which is similar to those of the vacuum-metalized plastics (which chips off even more).

  2. Nightslash3535 says:

    The figures used the core bodies not from the Kabuto/Den-O engineering, it’s more of the old-type core bodies used not only by this guy but also by the Metal Hero SH figures.

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