Hauliday 20100525

This is a big one folks.

Unfortunately, the 4-course menu of this haul consist almost entirely of delicious main course-ness. I don’t know where to begi-actually, that’s a lie, I do know where to begin, and we begin with this!

Takara Arcee, I’ll get to the differences I can spot versus the Hasbro version in a bit. Bear in mind that I’ve never seen the Animated version in person, so it’s hard to tell if they’re both the same shade of pink, as pictures and video can be deceiving.

Anyway, for Arcee herself, I just want to note that the Takara version isn’t “red” pink, but it’s closer to a “hot purple” pink. Magenta if you will, though not quite that tone.

Okay, here are the differences. First, Takarcee has a little pink dot on her chin. Her Autobot insignias are big and of the more traditional big red with white background. Her feet are pink and white, with black outlines underneath (the Hasbro version just had black feet).

There’s also some dark brown to Takarcee, but I don’t know if that’s also present on the Hasbro version.

Next, we have Revenge of the Fallen Skystalker and Scattorshot, both Basics and are the Takara versions. Haven’t got around to opening them yet.

For the main event, we’ve got the Power Core Combiners. You’ve seen their Minicon companions at the top of this post. Chopster, Backdraft and Caliburst respectively.

But here are the Commanders: Smoulder, Searchlight and Huffer.

And yes, they’ve all got hidden big heads.

They’re all solid Scouts/Basics, but Smoulder’s vehicle mode is a bit lacking. The back of it is fully exposed.

Searchlight in the middle has a good robot mode and vehicle mode, but he’s got weird proportions in giant torso mode. He’ll probably look the weirdest looking of the bunch when combined.

Huffer is the best of the lot. A little plain in design and colors, but great proportions in robot mode and torso mode as well. He’s going to be the best torso, for shuure. Vehicle mode is nice, but transformation is crazily simple. There are Legends class figures with a more complicated transformation than Huffer. I’d go so far as to say he’s on Activators level, only without the spring loaded action.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Huffer gets repainted as Beachcomber though.

Finally, G.I. Joes. In all honesty, I only got this lot for Chuck Norris (aka Monkey Wrench)

Tell me that ain’t Chuck… and to some degree, Bob Villa.

Anyway, Shockblast vs Nightcreeper. Nightcreeper’s the second reason I wanted these guys.

Gung Ho vs Copperhead. I wanted to dump this set at first, but they’ve got an impressive array of weaponry.

Finally, Tunnel Rat vs Monkey Wrench (aka Chuck Norris). I’ve waited months for Chuck.

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2 Responses to Hauliday 20100525

  1. JudgeG says:

    No one can give Arcee lipstick, can they? But DAMN does that packaging look nice. If I was MOC collector I would only import.

    Heard that Scattorshot (er?) and Skystalker are awesome, but I haven’t even seen them here.

    • updatedude says:

      Yeah, I like how they were able to make an effective presentation using the toy rather than a drawn art.

      Been out of town + sick as a dog right now. Reviews to hopefully come soonish.

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