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Of possible Seeker repaints

It was a Sunstormy night, with Thunder Cracking in the distance.

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Curse of the Mammoth Island

Among toy collectors, there is a condition known as “Goddamn Furry”. By newly acquiring Big Convoy, I have become a Goddamn FURRY. I feel shame and dirtiness.

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Took some pics, some were awful, gotta retake, and I’ve no idea when the next review’ll be up, but we’ll see.

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Hauliday 20100623 (and 20100622)

In these little bric-a-brac, A secret’s waiting to be cracked; These dolls and toys confuse me so, Confound it all, I love it though.

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Power Core Combiners Preview

Say hello to my leeeeettle friends.

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SIC Kiwami Tamashii: Wild Chalice

Somewhere in the world, there is a bar called the Dago-Bar. This makes me sad.

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