Power Core Combiners Preview

Say hello to my leeeeettle friends.

Quickie review:

For the Scouts + Minicon pseudo “2-Packs”, all the figures are good. Huffer’s the best, but he has a Legends level transformation.

For the 5 packs, the Combaticons set is pretty good. This is the one with Bombshock as the main figure. Recommended.

The Aerialbots set with Skyburst in the middle suck. Skyburst himself is good in robot and plane modes, but transforming to Torso mode is a bitch. Also, the limbs are pretty awful. That said, they made excellent weapons/”minicons” for the Power Core Commanders. Mildly NOT Recommended.

Also, none of the combined forms have working elbows, articulation is otherwise splendid (although with some minor balance issues).

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2 Responses to Power Core Combiners Preview

  1. Faxon says:

    So should I hold off on Skyburst until the repaint in wave 3 of the two packs come out? I’ll probably still get Bombshock in this 5 pack iteration though. Having a few drones about will be useful.

    • updatedude says:

      Yeah, don’t get Skyburst. Or more specifically, don’t get his drones. Skyburst himself is nice, if a little simple. Some people don’t seem to dig him as a result of his simplicity, especially considering what you’ve gotta pay for ’em, but I’m fine with him personally.

      Still, skip the Aerielbots 5-Pack.

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