Quick Note

Ultra Act’s Ultraman has some issues, like somewhat loose joints (which can be easily fixed). But this is otherwise, a strong contender for my toy of the year.

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4 Responses to Quick Note

  1. Yeah, I got the same problem with the joints, especially on the knees. But despite this minor issue, this is a magnific figure!!!

    • updatedude says:

      Indeed. Heck, I lub him so much, I’m already working on writing a review for him. It’s pretty much written actually, just need to do some formatting and take some new pics.

      • Nice!

        Please add some hints to solve the loose articulation in your review, I tried with no sucess at all…

      • updatedude says:

        Just get some Clear Nail Polish and put one drop onto the loose joint. Then leave it alone for maybe one hour (minimum) or overnight (best).

        Make sure it’s NOT Nail Polish Remover. Sometimes the sales people don’t understand when you ask for it. Nail Polish Remover will DESTROY plastic, so be careful.

        To tell the difference, Nail Polish is a thick gooey substance, like the glue you use for paper. Nail Polish Remover is like water.

        You can find either in many grocery shops. Just get a cheap one, it should only cost you maybe 1 dollar?


        The reason why I explained in such detail is because this was what I went through when I first encountered this. Hope it helps.

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