Ultra Act: Ultraman


Yea or Nay?
Looks good and is well articulated. This is the Ultraman toy collectors have always wanted. It’s got a fair share of issues, but is still Recommended.

Released in July 2010, this is the first of the Ultra Act series of toys, which is a spin off of the S.H. Figuarts line. Ultra Act is a line of good looking, yet durable and articulated action figures focusing on the Ultraman mythos. So who better to start this off than the main man himself? Nobody, that’s who.

There are some characters where you don’t need to have any attachment to them to know that you want need their toy.

For instance, you can hate Superman because you think he’s overpowered (because you only watched the awesome Superfriends or Christopher Reeves movies) or that his comics suck (because you’ve only ever read the crappy fucking shitty “Death of Superman”). But you still kinda want at least one of his toys in spite of that, because the guy’s a classic.

Same with Ultraman. You don’t have to have watched or liked the original series, or even the newer series (though it’s recommended you watch “Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie”, because it is an awesome flick and it has a long name), but as a NEEEEEEERD, you long for an affordably priced, well sculpted and articulated version of Ultraman that doesn’t suck.

Well, Ultra Act’s (a “subsidiary” of S.H. Figuarts) Ultraman is the answer to that 40+ years prayer. It took almost half a century, but finally, the time has come… sorta.

Ultraman looks like Ultraman, basically. He’s got a nice metallic silver with red paint job, and best of all, his bicep swivel and thigh swivel joints are hidden. Giving us a reasonably unbroken sculpt of the guy.

Inevitably, his elbow and feet joints are pretty visible.

Downsides are that his neck is a tad long. It’s nothing overtly obvious, but it’s there. Also, the balljoints on his wrist are slightly visible, but this problem is pretty minor. The big problem is that the sculpt for his right upper thigh doesn’t let it rest totally hidden within his pelvis either, resulting in his knee facing a bit too inward when you try to compensate.

Nonetheless, he still looks pretty good, despite the issues.

Yeah, he’s articulated well. Finally, we have an articulated Ultraman who is durable and not a prohibitively priced 12 inch figure. Best of all, his neck is designed so that his head can be tilted up, despite the “fin” running down the back of his neck.

The joints for his knees and to a lesser degree, his ankles, are loose-ish though. Fortunately, this can be easily fixed with the application of a little clear nail polish.

In addition to his regular fists, Ultraman comes with a pair of choppy hands, slightly opened hands, opened hands, energy disc choppy hand and Specium Beam shooting hand. He also comes with a red chest jewel thingy to show his 3 minutes of “hour of power” is almost up and a pimp cape… the pimp cape alone makes this figure worth it from an accessories standpoint. Also, there’s this transparent plastic thing of which I have no idea what the heck it is.

There are no cons to Ultraman in terms of accessories. He’s pretty well stocked for a Figuarts figure, and he’s pretty able to pull off all his signature poses.

Extra Notes
For some reason, this Ultraman seems to be constructed so he can be easily disassembled. His legs can easily be removed from his hips, though they’ll stay on pretty firmly unless you’re intentionally pulling them off. Same with his forearms, though they’re on a bit more tightly.

As such, be careful when changing his hands. Make sure to grasp his wrists as you pop the hands off the balljoints, so that you don’t pull the entire joint mechanism out when you do so. Speaking of the wrist mechanism, it’s a whole lot thicker than previous Figuarts figures, so you won’t feel the fear of fracturing the figure from your fumbling.

Despite his seemingly numerous issues, I still love this Ultraman, and he’s a strong contender for toy of the year for me. At the least, he’ll probably be in my top three. If you’re a NEEEEERD who’s anywhere worth his salt, you should totally pick him up if you’ve got the chance and cash.

Pros: Looks good with a reasonably unbroken sculpt. Well articulated and has good accessory count.
Cons: Loose joints issue (fixable). Sculpt could be better here and there.

Grade: A-

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3 Responses to Ultra Act: Ultraman

  1. Yeah! Thanks for the nail polisher idea! Loose joint solved here.

    About its upper thigh, Ultraman’s got an awkward articulation inside his pelvis, wich allows him to extend or reduce its upper thighs’ distance from the upper body. This covers the exposed articulation a little!

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