My economic reasoning has made you cry!

Note: This is a special preface rant/article/review for the upcoming SIC Kiwami Tamashii Den-O: Sword Form review.

Let me say this to start, Kiwami Tamashii Den-O: Sword Form is preeeetty great. But there’s a major “problem” regarding whether or not you should buy him. You see, unlike other Kiwami Tamashii, it’s based on a relatively new Kamen Rider series. As a result, this guy’s full sized SIC figure is still more or less readily available. Secondary market prices for the SIC 2-Pack (consisting of Sword Form and Momotaros) seem to have increased somewhat, but it’s still at a stage where you can still get ’em for an affordable price. If you’re alright with BIB, you can probably get ’em cheap too.

Therein lies the problem, the SIC 2-Pack is going to run you about 4 or 5 times the price of a single SIC KT figure, but considering it’s a 2-Pack, that means it’s only going to cost about 2 or 2.25 times more per figure. Second of all, a SIC figure is about 7 inches tall, vs the 4+ inches of the Kiwami Tamashii line, however, when you take into account that the SIC figures are also proportionally larger, you’re getting way more than twice the plastic you would for a KT figure for the price you’re paying, not to mention, the SIC figures have a bit of diecast as well. Not only that, but the modern SIC, of which Den-O: Sword Form is one of them, have finally fixed the durability issues which have plagued the SIC line all these years.

And speaking of Sword Form and the upcoming Momotaros specifically, their SIC 2-Pack version comes with way more accessories, and even an armor swap system for Sword Form to power down into regular ol’ Plat Form.

In short, it makes far more economic sense to just go ahead and get the SIC version. Now, I’m going to review Kiwami Tamashii Sword Form (just as soon as Photobucket stops being a bitch), so maybe you’ll want to get him based on his own merit. But really, it just makes more sense just to get the SIC version. I pretty much pre-ordered Sword Form and Momo on an impulse, because of my 1/18th scale fetish.

Disclaimer: I don’t have the SIC versions myself, but I understand their issues have been fixed.

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1 Response to SIC vs SIC KT

  1. Nightslash3535 says:

    You might as well get the two-pack SIC Den-O when secondary market prices dropped, it’s a great toy and oh, die-cast.

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