Uh oh…

You know how I said I was gonna do a KT Den-O: Sword Form review? I even partially wrote it up and the pics have been uploaded. But then, HWHAM! Monster Rancher DS is finally out. It was supposed to have been out in April I think, then got pushed back to July, then earlier August, and then slightly later early August, which is to say, now.

So yeah, Monster Rancher DS, which is actually a port of the second Monster Farm game for the DS.

Some thoughts:

1) You played one MR game, you’ve played ’em all. This game is very much “classic” style. Which is a GOOD thing.

2) Either I lucked out or this game is easier than the original Monster Rancher and its sequel. I say this despite finding the original MR game to be relatively easy, although I admit, the second game was a major grind. *Ahem* In any case, the first monster I got is a Piroro (I think), which pretty much looks like a chibi version of the cat-girl from BlazBlue. It’s stat growth seems to be insanely high. I guess I’m used to “baby” monsters getting between 1 to 3 stat increases, but this little fella does between 5 to 7, or even sometimes 8. I cheated a bit, but still, the stat growth is crazy high. It did like, 12 for Drills when it was a baby, and is now doing in the 20 point range for a non-primary stat now that it’s an adult.

3) Many compare this game to MR2, which is why I brought the old games up. But really, I think the main reason for the comparison is that Colt(ia) from MR2 is not a friggin’ post lady. Whassup wit that? Holly went from an assistant to a top FIMBA rancher/representative, and Colt goes postal?

Also, yeah, 4 hours straight, time passed by, it’s an MR game after all.

If I have one criticism, it’s that the stats for the techniques are all these weird symbols. In the old games, a Technique’s stats are ranked with Es and Cs and Ss etc. Now they’re these strange glyphs which have absolutely no meaning to me.

Anywho, late, must sleep. Gah, work in the morrow. Poof!

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