Effin’ ‘ell mate!

What’s this? What’s this then?

Mandalorian Troopers? With hips that do NOT suck? Oh em gosh!

My only concern here is that everyone’s right arm is posed with the elbow bent, and if you know Mandalorians, you know that they are especially suckass because they tend to have a permanently bent arm. However, I reckon’ in this case, it’s just a coinkidink they were all posed like that. Looks like this is all new sculpting, so no reason not to give them elbows.

I am quite stoked about this. I’m not sure, but they have swivel thighs as well? If so, these might exceed G.I. Joe and Ironman II as THE 3.75″ figure line.

These Mando Troops seem to be rare exceptions though. Apparently, some SW figures are starting to get new and improved hips, but it’s a relatively new thing. Hopefully, Hasbro’s SW team/department/whatever will forge ahead with this, thus bringing the SW toy line out of the late 80s/early 90s.

My other concern is the cost. If Star Wars become “not crappy”, they’re gonna end up as another major drain on my revenue. I’m totally getting the Mando Trooper pack, fer instance. Their accessories seem trim, but hey, excellent troop builders and worth it if they don’t suck. Especially at a SRP of 23.99. Hopefully they’ll stay around that price once they hit my shores.

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8 Responses to Effin’ ‘ell mate!

  1. Wes says:

    I’m not seeing thigh swivels, but they’ve got the swivel-hinge knees — so unlike normal SW figures where that doesn’t really add much, it’ll probably be useful here!

    By the way, do you need some help acquiring Prince of Persia figures? They’re all pretty much on clearance out here (if there are any left), and I can’t imagine shipping would be that much. Of course, I should probably open the one I picked up first! I’d hate to be recommending them to you if they’re totally horrible. :)

  2. JudgeG says:

    I hope they use real hinges for the hip joints, and not the G.I. Joe metal-bar-hip-thing. I’ve gotten Joes with loose hips thanks to the bar.

  3. JudgeG says:

    No disassembly needed?

    • updatedude says:

      Nah, just go to some dollar store and grab a bottle of clear nail polish (make sure it’s not nail polish remover).

      Naturally, you’ll want to hold your figure upside down and spread its legs, for easy access. Then just drop a drop of that stuff onto the ball joint and then leave your figure alone for like, 15 minutes for the solution to harden. Leave it alone for several hours for optimum results.

      Just make sure you buy nail polish and not nail polish remover. From my experience, store ladies have a tendency to not friggin’ care which one you buy. Different store ladies from different stores have tried to pass nail polish remover to me as nail polish.

      Nail polish has the consistency of glue, while nail polish remover is like water. Do be careful, as the later pretty much eats through plastic like acid.

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