Update… dude, update.

Edit: Oh snap, I think WordPress has done some sort of upgrade or something, can’t add tags or new categories. New review to go up upon this issue being fixed. Rargh.

So I haven’t been reviewing much lately, I can lie and say it’s because I’ve moved house or got married or that I’m on the run from terrorists (CIA) after saving the life of the president (you know the one).

Or I can tell you half truths such as my job and other commitments has been keeping me busy.

But the truth is, there are lots of factors, and I’ll tell you the truth right now. At this moment, I will reveal to you, the reasons why I haven’t been reviewing late is… (snip)… and that’s why, we can’t have nice things anymore.

But I have a long weekend, the first day of which I’ve already wasted. But since I have time and a whole bunch of toy pics I never got around to using, I guess I’ll write a whole bunch of reviews this weekend. They won’t necessarily be long like my usual stuff, but darnit, I’mma gonna write about plasticrack.

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