In Action!! Offshoot: Type-10R Burai Zero Custom

I, Lulu, command you: Kneeeeeeeel before Zod… I mean “Zero”.

Yea or Nay?
The figure itself is good for the most part. The joints are all nice and tight, the sculpt’s also good, and there’s a decent amount of extras. Original retail price of 2500 is a big stumbling block, but you can probably find it for cheaper if you search. A major qc/bad design issue with the elbows might be a deal breaker though. Read the review for details on that, but on the whole, I’d say this guy is Mildly Recommended.

This guy comes from the Code Geass series, where the mechs are called Knight Mare Frames. If you’ve never seen that show before, here’s a quick review. Season 1 started somewhat cerebral and intriguing. It was one of those shows that made you think you were smart because you’re watching something “deep”. However, toward the end, they sprinkled a healthy dose of absurdity into the mix. Viewers seemed to dismissed said absurdity, but in Season 2, the writers/animators took that absurdity and ran with it; turning the second season of Code Geass into one of the most hilarious comedies of the year/season. Personally, I can’t help but believe that what they did to the show, was fully intentional. Your mileage may vary. Anyway, the Burai is your standard canon fodder mech, but this one has a bit of a different paint job and is the main character’s primary mech for most of the series.

Review: Form
Truth be told, I have never liked the Burai’s design from the show. And while the Zero Custom’s color scheme made it kinda cool, it still didn’t appeal to me all that much. Those skates (called Land Spinners) and various conceptual elements, never sat well with me. But you know what? Once I got the toy of this design, I abso-friggin-lutely love it.

On the show, it’s just plain silly looking. But as a toy, it has a real nice feel to it. The smooth surface reminds me of late 80s/early 90s style cgi. And while the proportions look weird in the show and in pictures, in person, they kinda work. Even the stupid skates are actually cool in person. This is one of those toys that pictures just don’t do it justice. You need to have a 3D view of it to get the full impact. Otherwise, it looks plain and dumpy in pictures.

Review: Function
Articulation is very good. Despite a seemingly simplistic design, this guy has all the joints you need. As you would expect, the Land Spinners are great in terms of adding balance.

But now, let’s get to the big issue. This is a possible deal breaker y’all.

To get to the point, the elbows don’t stay on very well. In fact, they are loose as hell.

Not loose in the sense that they can’t hold the weight of the forearms. But loose in the sense that they will very very easily pop off when you move them. You have to push them back in as you move the Zero Custom’s forearms, so that they remain firmly in place.

This seems to have been an intentional design aspect, in that you can pop the elbows and forearms off. But on the other hand, this can be done far too easily, and even accidentally. Since you can simply pop them back in, or make sure to push the elbows back in as you pose the figure, this is not something without a fix. But if you don’t care for the annoyance factor or need your toys to be as perfect as possible, then this might be a deal breaker for you, especially at the full original retail price.

I can forgive this major fault, but only because the joints are tight in the rest of the figure, and because the large feet and land spinners offer up a great deal of balance, the playability of this figure isn’t affected too badly. If you don’t have to worry about the toy being able to stay standing up, then it’s not that troublesome to adjust the elbows so they stay firmly in place.

Review: Extras
This guy comes with quite a bit. He’s got a little pre-painted figure of its pilot, Zero. A cockpit, 2 extra pair of hands, an “opened” face, a sub-machine and a riot shield. This shield is somewhat iconic to Zero and his Burai, as there’s one episode where Zero utilized it to surf down a steep mountain, barging through enemy lines. In theory, it was an epic action sequence, in practice, it was another one of those hilariously glorious moments of absurdity that made me love the second season of Code Geass the same way people enjoy MST3K style movie parties.

This guy would be an absolutely fantabulous figure, were it not for the issue with the elbows. Even with the easily removable elbows problem, this great looking guy is still fun and easy to play with. But I can’t in good conscience, give full support to this guy whilst knowing he has such a big flaw to him. The Type-10R Burai Zero Custom is worth picking up if you see it on sale somewhere, but you’re not going to be happy if you had to pay full price for it.

Pros: Great design (as a toy), very well articulated and posable, and pretty well accessorized.
Cons: The elbows can pop off WAY too easily.

Grade: C

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