Ultra Act: Ultraman Belial

Joker and Carnage Amalgam: Jokage? Food for thought, yes.

Yea or Nay?
Yea, yea and a thousand times yea! Great sculpt, fixes all the issues in the first Ultra Act, good articulation and awesome plastic quality. Only one issue regarding the left hand (will be explained in the review), but it’s fixable. This is a definite Moderately High Recommendation.

Ultraman Belial is the first truly evil Ultraman. In the past, there have been evil Ultramen, but they turned out to be aliens in disguised or misguided or some other cop out. Belial is the first of his species that is actually a bad guy. He started off as a regular Ultraman, one of great power and potential, and recognized as one of the best. However, in his quest for more power, he touched the flames of the Plasma Spark, the source of power for all Ultramen. Engulfed in agonizing energies, he was exiled from the Land of Light.

Why? Why did they exile one of their best and brightest for making a simple, albeit taboo, mistake? Same reason as why the Guardians of Oa come to some pretty hardass decisions; they were being dicks.

Aaaaanyway, as Belial drifted in space, he was encountered by an evil entity called the Raybrad. It possessed him or something and turned him into the Venom/Carnage ripoff you see in this review.

In short, this is a great toy. I said before that, despite its many issues, Ultra Act’s Ultraman was likely to be my toy of the year. Well, Belial just blows him totally out of the water in every respect.

Sculpt-wise, Belial is both accurate to the screen version as well as being more detailed with lots of wrinkly flesh and stuff. He looks truly organic, in the sense that he looks natural from almost any angle. He’s also pretty large for a toy derived from the S.H. Figuarts line, so there’s a bit more value in terms of how much plastic you’re getting from this guy. I do wish his chest crystal is clear purple rather than just being painted on though.

Articulation is pretty decent, with all the joints being nice and tight and generally well hidden. His hips can be extended downward to provide more range of motion when posing him. He even has an opening jaw which reveals rows of wonderfully sculpted teeth. Wrist articulation is somewhat hindered by his hand design, but it’s nothing significant.

For accessories, Belial comes with an extra pair of opened hands with articulated fingers and thumbs. The pinkie fingers are connected to the ring fingers, while the middle and index fingers are also connected. This is worth mentioning because it means you can’t do a proper “the finger” or “the devil” sign with Belial (sadness). Although you can sort of do the original version of “the finger” as used by longbow men (which is more of a curled v).

One thing to note is that for the left claw hand, the socket for attaching it to Belial’s wrist is too small, so you can’t actually pop it in. This seems to be a widespread problem, and is a pretty major knock against this figure. To fix it (if you have this problem), you’ll need to actually take a knife and shave the plastic off around the socket. It’s not a high risk operation, but it’s still an operation.

The good news is this: When I first encountered this problem, I didn’t realize it was an excess plastic problem, so I tried jamming it on like a regular ball joint. I used excessive force. It resulted in extreme pain for me as the shark edges and points of the claw bit against my skin, into my flesh. This pain… was pleasure. For it demonstrated that this figure is made of some godly awesome plastic.

Yes, by the time I fixed this figure, my fingers were in pain, but this pleased me. Belial’s plastic quality is exceptional.

Other accessories include Belial’s battle staff, the Giga Battlenizer and a couple effects parts. The staff comes in both short and extended forms, and in addition to the regular bludgeoning ends, there’s also one with a faded energy effect. All in all, the accessories are decent, but nothing astounding.

Ultraman Belial fixes all the issues with Ultraman. He gains one major but fixable issue with the left claw hand attachment, but otherwise, in every respect, this guy is a superior toy/figure in and of itself. If you get one Ultra Act toy, make it Belial. He’s better than Ultraman and cheaper than (Ultra Act) Gomora. If future Ultra Act toys are as good as Belial, then this line deserves to be a winner.

Pros: Good sculpt, articulation & accessories. GODLY awesome plastic quality.
Cons: Left claw hand socket will likely be too small. Chest crystal is painted rather than clear.

Grade: A

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13 Responses to Ultra Act: Ultraman Belial

  1. Maurício says:

    Amazing figure! I just missed some photos with the 1st Ultraman!

  2. Stan says:

    I may not be Ultraman fan, but I know a good-looking figure when I see one.

    • updatedude says:

      Yeah, Belial would make an excellent Figuarts villain too. Unless they get around to releasing Shadowmoon. Gosh I hope Shadowmoon won’t be absurdly expensive.

      • Stan says:

        I think there would be a general fan rage if Shadowmoon became exclusive, he’s too popular amongst toku fans to be exclusive.

      • updatedude says:

        Yeah, but considering Nasca is pretty pricey, not to mention Skull, I’m just crossing my fingers. Unfortunately, I’m a pretty big SM fan, so that’s the one figure I’m willing to pay big bucks for, but I hope I won’t have to.

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