Mandalorian Warrior

Hello Star Wars, meet the modern toy world. Modern toy world, this is Star Wars. It took him 15 years to catch up, but he’s finally here.

Yea or Nay?
This guy’s pretty much the best Star Wars troop builder available right now. He has ball jointed hips that make him not suck, he’s a generic looking non-main character (aka red shirt aka cannon fodder) and he comes from a battle pack of others like him. If you see this guy on the shelves, get him. A Recommended set of figures.

Death Watch… It’s actually a pretty lame name in that it tries too hard to be cool, but anyway, Death Watch is a group of terrorist Mandalorians led by Pre Vizsla. The Mandalorian Warrior/Trooper is the cannon fodder of this group.

The good, the bad and the beautiful. Let’s start with the beautiful, because this is the only reason why you should even bother with any Star Wars 1/18th scale figure.

The hips. The oh so beautiful hips. Star Wars toys have long been pretty darn well sculpted with an adequate amount of accessories, but they’ve always had crappy articulation. Even their very best, the “super posable” Storm Troopers/Clone Troopers were ultimately crappy, due totally to their pre-90s swivel hips. Not only did their swivel hips render them highly unposable, but the hip armor of various figures tended to restrict those swivels anyway. But now, finally, we have swivel-hinged hips in these, the Mandalorian Warriors.

These hips are not without their problems. Due to the way they’re attached, you have to rotate them when you want to swing them forward. So there’s no direct back and forth motion. However, this is NOT like the Iron Man 2 toys where you have to adjust the alignment before moving the hips. While you do have to rotate the hips for the Mando Trooper, the rotation is fairly natural. It can be done in one smooth motion.

Other than that’ the hips are golden. Thanks to the hips which finally, FINALLY allow them to spread their legs like a dirty hoor of Babylon, the articulation for this figure in general has become awesome. The Mandalorian Warrior is just loads of fun to mess with. And if all Star Wars figures follow suit in future, it wouldn’t be long before SW becomes THE 3.75″ toy line, battling the likes of G.I. Joe for supremacy.

So that’s the beautiful, let’s go with the good now. The toy comes with two guns and a missile firing backpack.

The Mando’s right hand is able to hold his big pistol beautifully. Complete with the finger on the trigger. It’s such a great fit that it’s worth noting. The small gun doesn’t fit in the hands as great, but fits great in the holster. Also, the left hand, while it doesn’t hold any gun as perfectly as the right does, it DOES have a hinge joint in addition to the usual swivel wrist, so he can totally do a “Stop in the naaaame of loooove” gesture.

Missile firing backpack is an interesting thingamabob. On the one hand, it means that the backpack doesn’t look like every other Mandalorian backpack, which makes it different, but also show inaccurate. On the other hand, the missile firing action is accomplished by a rather interesting spring loaded AND pressure launched combo. Basically there’s a spring mechanism in the backpack, but there’s no tab or button to release the missile. Instead, you manually push it out from the back.

The downside of having a pressure launched aspect is that the missile is silly long. It really sticks out. On the other hand, the size is perfect to be used as a battle staff. So yes, your Mandalorian Warrior can wield a MISSILE/laser firing turret, as a melee weapon. How awesome is that eh?

Since this guy is just a faceless cannon fodder, his head is a head. As in, it’s not a helmet, it’s his head. There’s no face underneath the Mando helmet.

Okay, now for the bad. Neck articulation is basically just a swivel, despite there being a ball joint underneath the helm. The firing missile backpack won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Also, the figure’s back is sculpted weirdly. It’s all depressed. You pretty much need the backpack to stay on, or at least not look at it from the back when it’s off, because otherwise, you’ll notice his back is all curved into his torso. It’s not horrible, but it’s not especially human-like either (or Mandalorian-like for that matter)

Finally, this is just on mine, but the figure’s mis-assembled. It’s got two right hips. It still looks fine and plays well, but yeah, make sure that they’re properly assembled when you’re selecting your battle pack.

There have been a couple other Star Wars with good hips. Pre Vizsla, Mace Windu, Bespin Gear Luke and even an ARF Trooper. The the Mandalorian Warriors Battle Pack represent the first truly good troop builders. Troops with the good hips and somewhat cheaper, thanks to being in a multi-pack. Sure, they lack variety, but that’s why you’ll want ’em as trooper builders. If you want just one good SW figure, you might consider Pre Vizsla or maybe Bespin Luke instead. Nonetheless, this is a good set of figures to get.

Pros: Modern hips… FINALLY. Overall good sculpt, articulation and accessories.
Cons: Sculpting on the back is weird. Be careful of mis-assemblies.

Grade: B+

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4 Responses to Mandalorian Warrior

  1. jestergoblin says:

    His head looks kinda big to me, but that might be the animated style of the character.

  2. Nightslash3535 says:

    The head is a little too big for me, maybe it’s because he’s wearing a helmet, it does make sense.

    • updatedude says:

      It’s probably my camera angle actually. It looks generally fine in person, but it is a Clone Wars toy, so I guess it’s a bit elongated? Not something one would normally notice though.

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