Challenge for Cybertron: Rodimus

Wait, Challenge for… Gobotron? Ooooooh, NOW I get it. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

I think so, but where are we going to find 8227 pieces of yellow 4-Point Lego Blocks?

Yea or Nay?
In and of himself, Roddy’s only average for a TF toy. Sculpt’s excellent for both modes, except for the gimpy looking elbows when he bends them in robot mode. Articulation’s slightly below par as well. But since he’s from the Challenge for Cybertron 3-Pack, he should be a bit cheaper, individually speaking. That said, he’s Mildly Recommended if you have no attachment to the character, and Less As Mildly, Bordering On Recommended (LAMBOR) if you are a fan of the character.

Rodimus first came out in 2006 as part of the original Classics toy line. Since then, the mold hasn’t seen mass release outside of the Henkei line, which came out quite a bit later. As a result, he was kind of pricey on the secondary market. Of course, now at the end of 2010, we’ve got a bunch of this mold being re-released. There’s the Challenge for Cybertron 3-Pack where this figure’s from, but there’s also a transparent Sons of Cybertron version, and the upcoming 2-Pack between Roddy and Cyclonus and heck, a redeco into RiD Sideburn for the Transformers Collector’s Club exclusive.

I’ll cut to the chase, this toy’s only just adequate. It was overrated when it first came out, and it’s pretty primitive by today’s standards. It’s still a good toy though.

In terms of looks, this guy’s spot on. Depending on your preference, this Challenge for Cybertron version looks even better than the original. I for one, prefer the more subdued color scheme of the original Classics Rodimus release, but I can’t deny that the vibrant color scheme of this 3-pack version is oddly compelling. Heck, I’ll say it now, if you’re trying to decide which Classics Rodimus to get, you can pretty much just strike the Henkei version off your list and choose between either the original 2006 release or this C4C release. The C4C version is pretty similar to the Henkei version, but his spoiler is a splendid neon yellow, as opposed to the Henkei’s pointlessly orangey-gold chrome.

Vehicle mode is also splendid, and the transformation is good. Simple, yet effective. It’s not super duper fun to transform back and forth. In fact, it’s a little boring transforming him, but I can’t really fault his transformation for anything.

He also comes with a neat looking gun that I ultimately just throw in my accessories box.

Where Roddy comes up short though, is in the articulation department. Even back in 2006, it was slightly below par. His shoulders have a limited range of motion for being ball joints, his elbows look weird when he bends them and since this is a slightly older toy design, he’s missing a lot of the articulation we’re starting to take for granted in modern Transformers. Such as a waist joint or articulated ankles. Though he does sort of have feet and sole movement, but they can’t really support his weight that well unless you reinforce them with clear nail polish or super glue or something.

Challenge for Cybertron Rodimus looks great, and if you’re a fan of the character and you lack any other Rodimi, you might consider picking this 3-Pack with him up. He’s great as far as fitting in with the rest of your Classics/Universe 2.0/Generations toys, and hey, there’s a FansProject add-on set for him coming out. I might come down on his articulation, but it isn’t that bad, and overall, he’s a decent toy. A little primitive compared to some modern toys, but nothing inherently bad.

All in all, I’d recommend him if you can get the 3-Pack for cheap, but if you want a definitive Rodimus, you might wanna just wait for the Masterpiece version coming out.

Pros: Looks great in either mode.
Cons: Merely adequate in every department save looks (which is great).

Grade: C+

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3 Responses to Challenge for Cybertron: Rodimus

  1. Wes says:

    I’ve got the original, but I’m looking forward to getting this guy in the 2-pack with Cyclonus — mainly because I never picked up the first Cyclonus release. I’m kinda hoping the Protector armor works better with the original than this one; then I’d be able to sell off the old one at a decent price to those collectors with bottomless pockets. ;)

    • updatedude says:

      Yeah, get the set for Cyclonus and the matrix.

      As for Protector, planning on getting it eh? I figured people might be skipping it in favor of MP Rodimus.

      • Wes says:

        Oh heck no, I’M not planning on getting it… but I figure someone who might might want the original Classics Rodimus if the colors match that figure better. Transformers (and toys in general) that exceed $15 are too expensive for me, so there’s no way I’d drop the insane amounts of cash those 3rd-party products demand.

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