Hauliday (incomplete) 29 and 30/10/2010

First, a thanks to Wes from Scary Crayon for hooking me up with some Prince of Persia and Terminator: Salvation toys. The Prince Dastan is rather iffy now that I have him in hand though, especially since Hasbro’s really been picking up the pace with their G.I. Joe toys. McFarlane’s go at 1/18th scale figures here falls a bit flat in comparison. The Terminator toys are beautiful though. Maybe not all that articulated, but nice for purely display purposes; especially if you’re a 1/18th scale collector such as myself.

So, what’ve I been up to? Well, work related stuff has been stealing away my “me” time, but that aside, I got some nice stuff this month, as you can probably tell from the post picture above.

The above’s just a small taste of what I got, I figure I’d spread the bragging out.

So you can see I got Energon Tidal Wave, I picked him up loose for about 32 USD. That’s pretty good seeing as any iteration of this mold costs about 64 USD on the secondary market over here. His Minicon, Ramjet is there, and I’ve got the instructions, booklet and the character card. But the most impressive thing is probably the fact that despite being an old white toy, he’s not yellowed at all. This guy’s loads of fun, I messed with him for hours once I got him home.

I picked up Battle Blades Optimus Prime loose for about 14.50 USD. Considering that the guy costs 38.50 USD at retail over here, that’s a darn good price. I like ’em too. I absolutely hate the RotF Leader Prime, I think it’s hideous. But this little guy’s okay for some odd reason. The price doesn’t hurt either. I tried painting his chest-brows silver with some Gundam marker, but looks like it coulda been better. Gave his guns a silver spray that turned out pretty well, but I’ll have to let it sit for about a week and hopefully it won’t scrape too badly.

I got both of the above on Saturday, but the Takara Animated Voyager Megatron I picked up at retail for 22.50 USD the night before. Since he’s Takara, the regular retail price is… I’m not sure actually, but it’s at least 38.50 USD (probably 42 USD or 45 USD though).

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