Man, Toys Are Cool are pretty darn fast.

You might have noticed that the recent Gloomy Bear review has a link to Plasticrack. Reason for that is that the Categories on Turquoise Version are a total mess. Especially since awhile ago, anything with a “Gallery” Category seems to do weird things to the post. Anyway, the content for both insofar as reviews will be the same. Turquoise Version will now have more random stuff like rants and hauls etc, but Plasticrack will be more organized as far as future reviews go.

As always, the review style is still an ongoing process. I figure people don’t always want to read through an entire essay to know whether or not to get a toy. Which is why I put the conclusion up top and the detailed review comes later. I’m still working out the kinks though.

Abrupt end.

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