PCC Grimstone w/ Dinobots

I Grimstone, is clever girl.

So in conclusion
Grimstone and the Dinobot drones are arguably the first genuinely good Power Core Combiners. Previous releases of this line have been only adequate at best, but Grimstone is how you say… jumbo awesome. This is a really cohesive toy. Both as a set as well as as a combined form. Even if you have no intention of being a Power Core Combiners collector, Grimstone and his crew are worth picking up on their own. Naturally, this is a Recommended toy.

So check it out, when Power Core Combiners first came out, I resolved to be a mold completist with them. I got Searchlight, Smolder and Huffer right off the bat. They were pretty cool scouts, but then came the main course. Bombshock w/ Combaticons and Skyburst w/ Aerialbots. And they were… barely adequate. Bombshock and his crew were fine, except for one of the leg drones being gimpy, thus making the combination rather unstable. Skyburst was fine in and of himself, but his combination sucked. The Aerialbot drones made decent pseudo-weapons though. Still, overall, I was somewhat let down. None of the other PCC Commanders were that effective as torsos either, since I had no non-gimpy leg drones.

Then came the second round of PCC molds. I got the PCC Commander, Sledge, and well, he too was a let down, due to his silver paint scraping off really really easily. So I refrained from getting anymore PCC toys, until… a sale at Toys R Us got me to get Mudslinger w/ Destructicons. Mudslinger is crap, but the Destructicon drones were dead solid. I combined them with Sledge, and while I was not too impressed with Sledge by himself, as a PCC torso, he is awesome.

And now, I got the “3rd generation” of PCC molds, Grimstone w/ Dinobots and Steamhammer w/ Constructicons. Let me just say this, if these two represent the new standard for Power Core Combiners, color me a believer again. I was going to abandon PCC, but now… gotta get ’em all again. I need to track down both Icepick and Leadfoot now (especially Leadfoot, ’cause his spoiler reads “Black Rock” and I have another toy called “Black Rock Shooter”).

But yeah, enough with the lead up. This review is on Grimstone and the Dinobot drones. Naturally, you can already tell I love ’em. As a set, they’re pretty interesting. The fact that they’re all dinosaurs aside, seeing as they also share the same color scheme, there’s a real unified feel to these guys. Unlike say, Skyburst and the Aerialbots, these guys really feel like a team. A cohesive unit.

Grimstone himself is okay. He’s not the best scout class figure, and his arm articulation is hindered by his dino-forelegs as kibble. His dino-mode is also a bit weak due to his barely disguised hind legs, but otherwise, serviceable enough.

The rest of the Dinobots are like other PCC drones, in that they’re kinda cute. Unlike most other PCC drones though, some of them have a little bit of articulation. If you’re a dinosaur buff, these guys are awesome.

Torso mode for Grimstone is terrific. Prior PCC torsos have been terribly proportioned for the most part. their shoulders tend to stick way out on spindly limbs, their hips are stupidly wide and in some cases, their torsos are flat as pancakes. Not so with Grimstone, who is very well proportions and even has his dino-tail fold up against his back to add some berth to him. I also particularly like that the way his thighs form up looks very natural, and also, it looks distinctly from the thighs of his other modes. The only critique I have is that he has no neck, but it sort of works for this guy.

The combination is also terrific. He has huge ass feet, which work for him, since he’s something of a “freak” anyway. In any case, due to his huge feet, he has great balance. He’s totally solid. Arms are okay. They’re not especially better than other PCC arms, but they’re serviceable enough. Like other Power Core Combiner arms, they alas, have no elbow articulation.

His Dimetradon (packaging calls it a Spinosaurus, which is WROOOOOONG!) arm has the Dimetradon head as the hand, which itself, has an opening and closing jaw, meaning he sort of has finger articulation.

The truth is, I was ready to arbitrarily name the Grimstone/Dinobots set as the best Power Core Combiner out right now. And he probably is. But I thought the fact that he’s genuinely good was just a fluke. But then I opened the Steamhammer/Construticons set. So now, rather than simply saying that Grimstone is the best PCC right now (again, he probably is), I’m going to say that he and Steamhammer/Constructicons represent a new generation of Power Core Combiners. Grimstone represents the new standard for PCC. I certainly hope that new PCC will come out and either improve upon or at least maintain the standard of awesomeness that is Grimstone.

Pros: Cohesive set of toys. Cohesive combined mode. A solid toy.
Cons: No elbows. Not really compatible with most other Power Core Combiners right now.

Grade: A

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4 Responses to PCC Grimstone w/ Dinobots

  1. Wes says:

    A pose! I hardly ever see anyone take photos of these things in poses, which led me to believe that maybe they weren’t poseable at all. But they ARE! I think I must have Grimstone and company, if only because I love me some dinos. :D

  2. Heli says:

    It’s a big ol’ tease to review Transformers and only have pictures of one mode.

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