Quick update

So the comp died last week. Something went wrong with Windows 7, then poof. Dead. I sent it to the shop, but it took quite a few days before they told me they’re going to have to just backup and reformat. As it so happened, I had to go out of town for a few days. It all added up to not being here for a week.

I finally got the comp back today, but a drive seems to be missing. Either that or the data’s hidden in a partition somewhere. Anyway, the graphics card doesn’t seem to be detected either. So I’m going to have to take the comp back to the shop tomorrow.

In either case, I don’t have my photo editing programs or anything with me right now. Aaaand the data files are all in a mess. I’ve got program/game short cuts, but of course, these programs/games have been formatted… I think. So after they fix up the gfx card problem, I’ll have to clean this mess up and reinstall photoshop.

I’ve got a boatload of pics, but stuff’s getting in the way. Hopefully things will get sorted out soon and I can get some more reviews out.

Edit: Oh, and another annoying thing is, I finally got back some of you fair readers after a long period of mostly inactivity, and boom, this stuff happens. Rargh. I was looking forward to doing a certain review upon my return too.

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