Genesis does…

Okay, haul time. Got a “silver” Cybaster. Which is to say, unpainted. I would have liked a transparent one, but oh well.

A Sith lord whose name I forget. I really dug his design, but didn’t want to have to get the troopers he came with. So I found this guy loose.

Buncha’ tiny Nintendon’ts. I got ’em on account that aside from being classic 8-bit with some being pretty obscure, the stickers and details are pretty effin’ great. I had a hard time applying the stickers on the controls due to the d-pads sticking up, so I wrapped ’em up in cellophane. I’ll just pretend it’s that plastic covering to prevent the surface from being scratched.

Comp files are still a mess, and some files are hella corrupted. Alas…

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