RtS: Windcharger

Everybody was kung fu fighting! Those cats were fast as electromagnetic lightning!

In conclusion…
Transformers Reveal the Shield Windcharger is a cute little thang. He’s a small red package who packs a whallop of a punch. The design is undeniably Windcharger, the transformation is okay, and while the articulation could be slightly better, it’s still very effective. As far as Scout class figures go, this guy is Recommended.

For a little guy, there’s quite a bit to talk about for Windcharger. This in itself is impressive, all too often, as excellent as Transformers have been lately, I find I have nothing to talk about for them. But first, a little background info on Windy here. Windy’s one of those characters who never had too much screen time in the original G1 cartoon. All he had was a super power that let him appear from time to time whenever they needed said super power to work as a McGuffin. He’s sort of like Trailbreaker, who had forcefield powers, but unlike Trailbreaker, Windcharger never got to display any personality.

Windy’s only done 4 or 5 things in his entire cartoon career. One was pretending to be a giant robot human in a labcoat. One was using his electromagnetic powers to allow a group of Autobots pretending to be Stunticons, the ability to combine into Menasor. Another was using said power to cheat at a stunt event. And of course, he gets a hole put in him when he dies off screen in the original movie. There’s probably one or two more cases where Windcharger appeared to lend his electromagnetic powers, but I can’t remember ’em.

As for the toy itself, this guy’s pretty excellent. Starting with the car mode, because that’s where there’s least to talk about with Transformers… it’s a car mode. Whoop-de-doo. He’s some sorta charger, which is appropriate. He looks cool and he rolls… yeah. The only other thing is that his reds all work very well. Sometimes with Transformers’ vehicle modes, the colors don’t quite match up. With Windcharger, that’s not really an issue. The top of his feet form part of the roof, and while the red don’t match up there, for some reason, it works for me. It’s not a color variance that bugs you unless you’re highly nitpicky.

Transformation is fairly simple. He’s a bit of a shellformer, especially for the upper body/front of the car. But much to my surprise, his legs have a couple little tricks that make the transformation way more interesting that it had to be. It’s still not a particularly fun transformation though. It gets the job done and that’s about it.

And now for the main course, the robot mode. Basically, he looks like Windcharger. Yeah, I can imagine repaints of this toy into a myriad of other characters, but as is, this is Windcharger. And he looks fantastic… except for the overly long arms that plague much of the present/post-Revenge of the Fallen Scouts. Other than that though, he looks fantastico.

Articulation is good but not perfect. There’s not enough clearance between the shoulders and the back panel, so he won’t be able to spread his arms straight out in a crucified pose. Also, there’s no swivel thighs, although the wide range of motion for the ball jointed hips somewhat make up for that. Other than those, this guys very articulated. He’s one of those figures that aren’t completely segmented in joints, yet is able to pull off a wide array of poses. And really, it just goes to show the standards of Transformers lately when I can complain there’s no swivel thighs for a Scout class figure.

But what Windcharger excels at are kung fu poses. The way his hands are sculpted along with their ability to pose palm up or palm down, makes Windcharger the master of kata. He can pull off Taichi and even Drunken style pretty darn well.

He also has those 3mm clip system things on his forearms, and his hands can flip around to reveal cannons (or electromagnetic pulse cannons, if you will).

All in all, Windcharger’s a fun little Scout. Should you buy him? Sure. He’s a solid toy on all fronts, and aside from Breacher, he’s the most humanoid Scout in recent months. He’ll make a fine addition to your Classics line up.

Pros: Looks good in either mode. Fun to pose. Working gimmicks.
Cons: Arms are a bit long proportionally. Articulation could have been slightly better.

Grade: A-

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7 Responses to RtS: Windcharger

  1. cooksux says:

    Oh snap… ‘stolen chinese toy’ or off the shelves? Great review btw… but the more I look at it, I really don’t like those hands.

    • updatedude says:

      Well that’s a quick reply.

      It’s off the shelves. Also sold was Chopsaw, but I just wanted Windy here.

      The hands are great in that they add a lot of personality. As can be seen, they allow him to do various jung fu poses… or you know, be stereotypically gay.

      I can imagine this guy being repainted ad infinitum though.

  2. cooksux says:

    lol, the timing must have been perfect. i checked out my subscriptions and yours was first on the chopping block. what store did you find this dude? it may be news worthy on the tf forums since i don’t think i’ve read of any sightings in the wild.

    as for the hands, i guess i’ll have to see them in person. i miss hasbro making the hands as if they were just blocks with holes in em.

    • updatedude says:

      I’mma in Mah Layzer, which could explain why I got it relatively early. Found it last night when I went to do some Xmas Eve shopping.

      Yeah, I’m normally not a huge fan of the opened hands look. Neither like or dislike, although I’m used to fists. Might try to repaint this guy’s hands to gray or something though, to make it stand out more.

  3. Philip Reed says:

    Damn, I’ve been looking for a Windcharger. This guy isn’t perfect, but the pics make him look pretty cool and I’ve gotta grab one.

    • updatedude says:

      If nothing else, it helps to fill out your Classics line up. He’s very very similar to Hubcap when you see him on the pegs though. So who knows, you mighta seen him and missed ’em by accident?

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