KT Devastator & T-AI

Devastator ALSO wants to look!

So I was checking out Toys Are Cool and saw that Phillip Reed over at Battle Grip has done a review of the KT Figure Collection Optimus Prime. So I scrounged around my collection and found these two.

Let’s start with an appetizer.

Devastator diorama
The Devastator set is pretty cool actually. It doesn’t photograph very well though. Pictures I’ve seen of this guy prior to getting him made him seem like the least desirable of the bunch. But in actuality, once you’ve got him assembled, he’s pretty neat. And the reason for this are the tiny Arcee and Hot Rod figures.

Arcee is stuck to the base of the diorama, but Hot Rod is actually a separate piece. He’s got a little translucent peg underneath one leg to stick into the base, but is otherwise, a really cool tiny Hot Rod. He would be perfect to pose with your Supreme class Unicron, if you should have one.

Also of note is the assembly of this set. While you’re assembling it, things seem loosey goosey, but once everything’s in place, it’s all pretty solid.

For cheapo gashapon, the level of detail for this particular diorama is pretty good too. This is definitely something that isn’t too terribly embarrassing to display at the office. Now for something that IS too embarrassing to display…

T-AI diorama
The main course. Let’s face it, if you’ve heard of the Transformers KT Figure Collection and you wanted it, it’s for this set. Otherwise, it was probably just a random pick-up because you thought the Rumble/Frenzy sets on the package art looked cool.

Aside from Minerva in her pink hot pants, THIS was THE piece of creepy Transformers lore that made you feel like a sex offender. Until the advent of Kiss Players, this was the definitive TF merchandise that outed you as a pedophile. Of course, nowadays we have Rule 34 and all manner of depravity amongst our community, but back in the day when the internet was still relatively young and before Avenue Q told us the Internet is for Porn, this particular piece of… art, was the item that meant you’re probably a bit on the crazy fanatic side if you owned it.

So as to T-AI herself, it’s an interesting gashapon, to tell the truth. First off, her head is on a limited ball joint, so she has some movement there. The siren lights on the sides of her head are made of translucent plastic, which is really impressive. Gershark is way Way WAY more phallic in person than in pics. In pictures, your attention is drawn to Fire Convoy peeping on an underage and nude hologram, but in person, your attention’s going to be drawn to Gershark and his stream of water.

Another neat “feature” is that T-AI’s body has been sprayed with gloss. You don’t normally notice it in pictures, but when there’s sufficient light source, her naked fleshy bits will have a sheen to them, as if her holographic skin was moist with soapy water.

So in conclusion
Normally I put the conclusion at the top so readers can find out what they want about a figure without having to read through an entire review. But this is such a niche pair of items, I figure you’d want to know more about ’em first. In terms of detail and quality, both items are pretty good. If you can get them for cheap, go for it. The question is whether you’d even want to though.

If you don’t mind having a non-articulated little diorama of a scene that didn’t strictly happen as depicted, then Devastator is surprisingly cool. If nothing else, that Roddy can be used for scale with your other supposedly giant figures. Recommendedd if you’re fine with non-transforming Transformers.

As for T-AI, it depends on how comfortable you are with this kinda thing. I’m not really a collector of female figures or statues. I’ve got a few articulated female figures on the basis that I enjoyed the shows they’re from. But I’m not really someone to collect sexy statues or gashapon. I’m personally fine with T-AI because I do enjoy the occasional oddity. Highly Recommended if you don’t get visitors (who’ll give you weird looks and call the cops on you). In all honesty, while the sets in the KT Figure Collection are all pretty solid, there’s no reason to actually go out and hunt for them unless you want this piece of dirty-dirty naughty Transformers history.

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8 Responses to KT Devastator & T-AI

  1. Philip Reed says:

    One of the guys in the office opened the T-AI piece and we spent the rest of the day discussing how very creepy it (the micro statue) was. In fact, I was scared one of the three boxes I had left to open would be this piece; if it had been this one I probably would have tossed it immediately.

    I guess that’s a side of Transformers I just don’t get into.

  2. Tim H says:

    Welp, I’m officially creeped out. That’s ghastly.

    Sometimes I wonder about Japan.

  3. Nightslash3535 says:

    I buy Kiss Players toys, but only picked up the robots (since they have better paint job than their Alternators/Binaltech counterparts), threw the box, sold the mini-statue on eBay and kept everything else.
    I’m no pervert but Transformers has went beyond the borders into old, insomniac otakus who likes to read those stuff.

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