Generations Sergeant Kup

I’m the roughest, toughest and most ornery machinery you turbo revving petrol rabbits are gonn-zzzz…

In conclusion
Kup is a somewhat kooky toy in terms of the vibe he gives off, but he’s still a solid toy. He looks kooky, but nothing bad. And like many mainline Transformers toys these days, he’s well articulated. Transformation is simple if a little weird at first. And Kup’s weapon is playable and well integrated. As a gift for a kid, I dunno about getting Kup. They might just find him weird. But if you’re an adult collector or you want a Kup to join your third season Transformers, this toy is Recommended.

In vehicle mode, Kup’s a pickup truck. He looks good but I don’t have much else to say about it. Like most TF vehicle modes, there’s not much else to say beyond it rolls well. I DO like the translucent windows and headlights/rear lights though. Other than that, the rooftop has a couple spots where you can use the 3mm clip on weapons available to most TFs nowadays. On the one hand, it breaks up the sculpt a bit, but on the other hand, at least it means the rooftop does something and isn’t purely a piece of kibble in robot mode.

Transformation from truck to robot mode is exceedingly simple. It’s rated as a “3” on the package, the same as with Kup’s wave mate, Scourge. But Kup’s transformation is hardly on par with Scourge’s. The only difficult part is figuring out the instructions, which don’t make it clear that the bonnet is to be separated from the grill of the truck. Iit does show the bonnet as separate, but you can’t see where’s the grill at that point, so it becomes confusing. Anyway, this is due to how well integrated the bonnet looks with the grill, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

But yeah, basically, loosen the arms and lift the top of the truck to get both out of the way, then flip Kup’s torso out. Voila! He’s more or less done. You just gotta settle everything and do some minor transformations on the lefts. Kup’s very “flip” oriented.

Robot to truck mode is a little tricky. You just flip the torso around and snap everything back to truck mode, but he has a spring mechanism around the torso that you have to get out of the way. You’ll be needing to hold the spring loaded away to keep them from getting in the way while flipping the torso back.

Robot mode is good as per most Generations toys. But here’s where Kup’s kookiness comes into play. Now, where to start?

Let’s go with Kup’s head to start. The shape of the head and the saggy cheeks are awesome. But the eyes look like he’s reliving a harrowing experience, especially when you shine a light through them, because his light piping doesn’t illuminate the eyes fully. There are dark areas. Couple this with his mouth, and well… On the package art, he looks like he’s gritting his teeth in the middle of action; on the package product pic, the mouth and eyes gives Kup a look of utter horror, as if he’s reliving a nightmare or being faced down by a terrible mistake from his past. On the toy itself, it just looks as if he’s missing his upper dentures. Throw in the crazy old man light up eyes, and it’s safe to say that this Kup is probably suffering from dementia or something.

Next is the body. It’s a big body. The torso’s very Kup, but due to the contrast between his scrawny arms versus the headlights/pectorals, the rooftop hood and huge lower body and even more gigantic feet, it gives the impression that he’s wearing power armor. However, because of his crazy old man face and the fact that the pectorals are spring loaded, it gives the impression that the pecs are actually suspenders and he’s wearing oversize pants.

Articulation is plentiful. It has just about everything. Everything has a wide range of motion. But one thing of note are the feet. The bed of the truck flip out to form oversize feet, and you would think that’s where it’d all end. Y’know, he’d get feet that can hinge up and down. But Hasbro’s gone the extra mile by giving us a ball joint there as well, so Kup can tilt his feet left and right as well, allowing him the ability to stand flat footed. This is a pretty darn impressive on Hasbro’s side. It’s very much an extra that I wasn’t expecting.

One bad point in the sculpt is that the area directly above the front of Kup’s feet are left hollow. But that’s about it.

Overall, Kup is a great Kup. If you like to focus on Kup’s in-character status as an old man. He’s not the badass old man from the IDW comics, but he is an old man. As a toy, he’s solid. But I wouldn’t recommend him to kids who might not “get” what he’s about. Wait for the repaint if you’re getting Kup purely as a present for a kid. But for the adult collectors out there, Kup’s excellent and is a top priority buy.

Pros: Very “Kup”. Good in all categories. Ankle tilts.
Cons: Hollow lower shins. Proportions are a little weird. Kids might not “get” it.

Grade: A-

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7 Responses to Generations Sergeant Kup

  1. TCracker says:

    I think Kup was a fanwank by Hasbro to all the Kup die-hards out there.
    But nevertheless, this is one good figure.

    Great review and thanks!

    • updatedude says:

      To take that analogy a bit further than it ought to…

      Yes, it is a fanwank. And it’s aboot 19 bucks per job. Hurr hurr.

      But yeah, can’t argue with fanwanks. The head design is already an indication that this one is for the older guys.

  2. cooksux says:

    Holy smokes, Kup is bigger than I thought! I’m still debating on whether or not I get the United version of this guy… but I’m definitely on the lookout. I think it’s great you get these guys earlier than we do. On a side note, Generations Scourge is really short… that’s preposterous.

    • updatedude says:

      Haven’t bothered with the United pics, so I’m not sure what’s the diff. But this Kup’s pretty cool. I’d say, if the United has chrome, you might as well skip the United version, since chrome isn’t always necessary or even complimentary. For Kup, he needs to be matte.

      Scourge review to hopefully come soonish, it’ll have a lot more pics since I just got done with his photo session. No time to write the review today though. Work soonish.

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  4. Nightslash3535 says:

    Toy collecting isn’t viewed collectively (duh) but separately. There are many kinds of toy collectors who searches specific kinds and sees something in theit own perspective. The examples include the following:
    A kid’s perspective: Buys something that looks cool in their eyes.
    A long-time fan’s perspective: Buys things that has a sentimental value to it (EG: buying a reissue that’s the first toy he bought as a kid)
    An ‘otaku’ perspective: Buys things that’s otherwise superior to everything else and makes sure everything was flawless.
    A hardcore/completist’s perspective: Buys things in bulk and needs everything from a certain toyline.
    The first one fits Kup very well.

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