Quickie Update/Sightings

Found me some Reveal the Shield Legends a couple days ago, but wasn’t interested in ’em save for Megatron. Alas, Megatron was sold out. The good news is, found ’em earlier tonight and bought ’em.

Also found RtS Lugnut and Solar whassit Grappel (and Strafe). I soooo wanted them (except for Strafe), but decided to hold off and see if I can get a better deal. Same thing with PCC Heavytread and Undertow.

Also found World War Hulk, my friend said the big figures of MU don’t have that plastic problem. Might pick Hulk up next time. Also found another Scourge, but forgot to buy him. Graaargh. Next time Scourge, NEXT TIME.

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