Generations Scourge

Wait, I’m Scourge? I thought I was Sweep #24?

In conclusion
Scourge is so nice, one might be forgiven for getting him trice. In fact, that’s what I plan to do, get him twice more. Scourge is a good toy, no doubt about it. He’s much more complex than you think he would be, but not to the point of being frustrating. He’s not especially exceptional, so you probably wouldn’t want to buy him multiple times unless you’re a G1 buff like myself, wherein you’d like to have some Sweeps to go along with your Scourge. But it’s Recommended you pick at least one up.

When you get Scourge out of his packaging, the first thing you’ll notice is the plastic, which has this smooth, almost marble-like feel to it. It instantly gives the impression that this toy is gonna be something different. Next thing you’ll notice is that it’s actually a pretty neat looking vehicle mode. Pictures pretty much don’t do it justice. Even seeing it on card doesn’t do it justice. You have to hold it to realize that yeah, not a bad plane mode.

Transformation is simple to do, but there’s a lot of complex steps, particularly in the arms. It doesn’t feel needlessly complicated like a lot of the Bayformer movie toys though, instead, the complexity seems to be there for the purpose of “added value” rather than to frustrate you. Scourge is one of those toys where you can feel the high degree of engineering that went into him.

Robot mode is surprisingly un-back heavy, despite Scourge’s signature wings. This is probably due to the wings being hollow and the plastic used there seem a bit light (but fairly durable) as well. That said, he might still have some trouble standing depending on the angle of his feet. Luckily, like more and more Transformers toys these days, Scourge has ball jointed feet, so you can reposition his feet to achieve balance despite his silhouette.

Articulation is plentiful, and even includes a waist joint. Scourge also has a lot of little gimmicks. Hie wings can store his guns for instance, which are able to combine into a semblance of his Targetmaster’s gun mode. He also has a 3mm bar on the top of his head so you can stick weapons with 3mm clips onto his head. Try giving him Kup’s rifle for epic pompadour action. Also, you can retract Scourge’s fists into his forearms, thereby giving him a Megaman-ish Buster Arm look.

A thing of note is that the way Scourge is molded is kinda weird (though in a mostly good way). Based on the mold flashes and stuff, it seems he was sculpted/molded in such a way as to have a smooth surface. This can be easily seen by taking a look at the sliding mechanism on his forearms. You can see the mold flashes within the gap for the slider, rather than out on the surface of the forearm. While this gives Scourge a better unbroken look, in my case, the mold flash wasn’t cut that well on one of my Scourge’s forearms. This made it so I couldn’t slide the hand out for that forearm all the way, and had to use a cutter knife to clear the excess plastic off. This is the first time I’ve ever had to do something like that.

Also, his transformation involves a lot of sliding compared to the flipping of other Transformers, and it’s a little daunting at first because you have to use quite a bit of force to snap the slid pieces into place. But Scourge’s mold is so “clean” that you’re not sure where you’re suppose to use more force in order to snap it on firm. The chest piece is the most evident example. You’re suppose to slide it up all the way until it snaps, but there’s a lot of resistance for that final snap, so you’re not sure if you’re suppose to keep pushing or leave it as is. The head is also pretty hard to push back down.

Overall, Scourge is a good toy with great intentions. He’s not stellar, but he’s very good and I would have no problem with getting multiples of him (aside from, y’know, the cost).

Pros: Very well engineered. Very scourge. Surprisingly good vehicle mode. Lot of little gimmicks that work.
Cons: Tough to snap some pieces on or off their very well hidden tabs.

Grade: A

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