Dibs on Thundercats

So, I’m looking at pics of the upcoming Thundercats.

As nice as the Classic 8″ ones look, they’ll probably be out of my price range, so pass.

4″ ones look kinda derpy, but I’ll probably buy the complete set of Lion-O, Panthro, Tygra and Cheetara. Tyra looks the best to me, and Cheetara frankly looks like a trailer park trash reject. Not to mention, she looks to be spotting V-hips, which means her articulation will suck. Heck, for those of you who can find pics of her on display, it looks like she can barely stand without the use of glue or something. Ah well, I’ll buy her anyway.

Then there are the 4″ Mumm-Ra toys. Mummy Mumm-Ra looks terrible. He has super wide lips and looks to be more or less just a statue. There’s a Mumm-Ra called Ever Living, where he’s decked out in armor and wields a mace. Looks nice, but I’ll probably skip. He looks like a WoW reject dwarf to tell the truth. Then there’s a Mumm-Ra with wings, which looks awesome except for really long arms. He might be a tad short though, I can’t tell for sure because he’s in the back. I’ll probably wait till I see him in person. If he’s too short in comparison to the others, I’ll give him a miss as well.

Slithe looks pretty damn awesome, but I think he only comes with a vehicle. If I’m not too over budget when the time comes, I might grab him provided he isn’t too expensive. Thunder Tank w/ Snarf is SO bought though.

Next up are the 6″ toys of the modern designs. I’m giving them all a miss, except for Mumm-Ra, who looks undeniably absolutely badass.

Won’t be getting the Thunder tower play set, although it seems to have a vehicle mode, so I might change my mind if the reviews are favorable. Still awaiting pictures of the Cat’s Lair, which I’m tempted to get despite the inevitably high pricing.

So basically, I plan to get the 4″ versions of all the characters except Mumm-Ra, who I’ll get the 6″ version instead. Thundertank is also totally bought.

Hopefully the show will be good and we’ll get some decent toys out of it. I realize it’s Bandai of America, so the toys are going to range from shitty crap to eeeeeeh decent, but oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.

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