I’m an untrue fan

And loving it. – Maxwell Smart

To explain: I just got Generations Thundercracker. I have all 6 Seekers now. If Botcon 2007 attendees are True Fans, then I am a False Fan.

Aaaaand that’s pretty much it. It’s been a polarizing ride. Started low, ended high. Booyah.

Oh, and if they ever release Sunstorm for the Classics Seeker mold, I’d probably skip it unless it was all metallic gold like the recent United Bumblebee or totally chromed gold like a Lucky Draw. Why? Because Sunstorm is laaaaaaaaaame as a character concept.

That is all.

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1 Response to I’m an untrue fan

  1. cooksux says:

    haha, i still say you’re a true enough fan.

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