Haul 20110728

Recent haul, got them last weekend. Traded my MP Skywarp for a bunch of loose Cybertron TFs (Gasket there’s Takara though). Naturally, the centerpiece is the McDonalds Pinkie Pie.

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5 Responses to Haul 20110728

  1. Oh snap.

    I came here looking for Busou Shinki reviews and here I am looking at Pinkie Pie.

    … I got a Cheerilee, though.

  2. updatedude says:

    Oh, they’re redecoing? Great, I’ve always wanted a Fort Bragg. Zel’s the one that got me into Shinki.

    • I’ve got my pre-order for Fort Bragg in, though I’ll still have to wait for mid-Oct to get it.
      I just wish they’d make Murmeltier and Asuka more accessible… The last time I saw them on the market, they were going for 3xx+ each. T-T)

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