Oh shoot! A review!

This guy’s Gun-Body from the old Microman Magne Power line, released in 1999. Although my copy’s the Korean Sonokong release. Numbers on the back of the packaging suggests this version came out in September 2000. That’s about 11 years ago at this point.

Gun-Body and his fellow Magne Powered robot dudes are actually accessory robots meant to attach to some bigger robot (aptly named, Robotman) to form his arms. Fyi, the other Magne-bots are Lazer Master, who uses edged weaponry just as saws and RAZORS. And Jet Moggler, who is a drill… ooookay.

Onto Gun-Body himself, this guy’s the most gimmicky of the 3 accessory robots, and as a result, has made the most sacrifices, particularly in his leg articulation. You see, he comes with pellets that can be popped into his revolver gun torso and shot out the side. This is fine (and awesome), but he also comes with pressure based missiles which can be stuck through his legs, so that he can shoot missiles from his knees. This is also awesome, except that it limits his knee articulation and he’s in a permanently bent knee/squat position that just looks plain silly when you’re not looking at him from the front.

Speaking of articulation, he has no shoulder articulation, which limits what you can do with the ball jointed elbows. For the most part, you’re just gonna try to get his forearms out of the way. Knees have limited bend to them, as mentioned previously. But he has ankle hinges, which is cool.

Of course, just as the Magne Power tag suggests, he has magnetized belly and hips. Unfortunately, after 11 years, the magnetism of his hips have weakened somewhat. Coupled with a heavy upper torso, it can be difficult for Gun-Body to support his own weight in wide legged stances. On the other hand, magnet joints mean that you can easily adjust his counterbalance to compensate for his weak hips.

Overall, articulation is okay but held back by his gimmicks.

Sculpt and paint wise, Gun-Body is excellent, even by today’s standards, his sculpt is still very niecly detailed. And his face is full of personality without losing neutrality. As you can see, there’s also no flaking or chipping issue with his chromed bits, despite the years.

Gun-Body comes with pellets, missiles and a bunch of cards, including one with an illustration of a Microman sitting on a vehicle made from a “Beat Squash” soda can. Apparently this is “hard soda”. I don’t know what this all means exactly, but it sounds terribly AWESOME.

Overall, this guy’s decent, especially if you can get him for cheap. He’s worth… oh, about what you would pay for a modern 1/18th or 3.75″ figure. He’s not as good as some modern figures (specifically, Hasbro’s G.I. Joes or Marvel Movie lines), but considering what you’re getting, that’s a fair price. I wouldn’t recommend paying more than that though.

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4 Responses to Gun-Body

  1. I remember when I really wanted these guys during my Microman fest… now I regret selling them off, especially since I’m going to strong with GI Joes.

  2. Stephen says:

    I’d like to see pictures of the others if you have them. This guy looks like a Megaman villain.

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