Haul 20110807

First up is D-16: Beast Wars Galvatron. He’s purple. Like a blackcurrant yogurt drink. I could have sworn there was one in “manly pink”. Eh, maybe that’s the Korean version. Also got 10th Anniversary (Cybertron) Megatron. No comic included but oh well. At least now I have a purple T-Rex whose power is activated via anal rape (same as the 23″ Mattel Voltron lions (or Barney)).

Next up are Whirl with Major Sparkplug. Tailpipe & Pinpointer with Sergeant Noble. And finally, Hlf-Track with… well, regarding the fellow he’s with. Some say he can drink 3 whole energon cubes without becoming over-energized, and that he’s actually an inverse shellformer. All I know is, he’s called the NEST Stig (aka Major Altitude). Unfortunately, was unable to get Drag Strip with Master Disaster.

Finally, got yet another Stormshadow. Got him mainly for the guan tou/glaive to be honest. Also got a Rock Viper.

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