Danboard Gestalt

Nothing can stop, the Danboardastator!

The good news is, I finally got around to doing this review. The bad news is, my camera chose this photo session to be more horrible than usual.

The Danboard Gestalt. (full stop) Which can be achieved by getting 5 Revoltech Danboards, dismembering them and re-membering them into an abomination of awesome.

Anyway, onto the review proper, I’ll keep this short. Like, really short.

The Danboard Gestalt is hella taller than you might expect. Especially in it’s “full head-on” mode. As you can see by the top pic, he’s as tall as Masterpiece Grimlock.

Points of articulation are plentiful but nigh useless, as the Revoltech joints simply have a really hard time holding up all that weight. This is one reason you’ll probably want to pull off any extraneous arms as they’re not only cumbersome but add slightly to the weight of DG’s limbs. With some finagling and cheating, it should be no problem getting some nice poses for the camera though.

There are a huge number of play options available to you when you do Gestalt Danboard. For instance, you can give him a hammer hand by sticking a Danboard head onto the end of a forearm. Or grab one of the extra Revoltech joints you’re left with and make a nun-chuck out of Danboard’s leftover arms. You can even have a paired down version like so:

With a shield:

In short. If you manage to get your hands on 5 Danboards (or even better yet, 6), and you’re not some dirty low life scalper, then make yourself a Danboard Gestalt. I think it’s the law (in 52 states and none of the others).

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5 Responses to Danboard Gestalt

  1. Huh. I’ve seen photos of this unlikely toy on Flickr, as well. What’s its deal, exactly?

    • updatedude says:

      Oh hi, been a long time eh?

      So, there’s this comic called Yotsuba, and in one random chapter, a couple girls built a cardboard robot suit/outfit for a school project. This costume was of course, Danboard.

      Danboard got a Revoltech figure. In and of itself, the toy’s pretty neat. I’m sure you’ve seen random pics of the fella on flickr where he’s standing forelornly in the rain or something.

      Danboard Gestalt comprises of 5 Danboards, disassembled and reassembled via the Revoltech joints. That’s pretty much it.

  2. I see. Cool stuff. Thanks for the info.

    And yeah, it’s definitely been a while. Our internet in Africa halted most of my toy site browsing for two years; it’s great to have high-speed internet again!

    • updatedude says:

      Oh, by the by, what’s the recipe for Safari Mindbender?

      I see Mindbender’s head, Recondo’s hat, Bludd’s scarf. But I’m not sure where the body comes from. Monkeywrench?

  3. ‘Tis this guy’s body:


    Rise of Cobra two-pack Gung Ho. Still the same crappy head, but with a versatile little body. I’ve used it for Tunnel Rat customs, too, ’cause it’s such a short body.

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