Hauliday 20110911

There was a toy fair today. It’s pretty horrible as far as buying stuff was concerned. Last year it was a lot of shops selling things at full price or higher and loads of designer trash. This year the front’s dominated by mmorpg booths, the designer trash is maybe 2/3rd of what it was last year? And there’s like, only one actual toy shop. All the other toy shop slots were apparently taken up by anime knick knack and knock off shops.

I almost bought me a designer trash called Mecharian, which are cute little mecha done up in Victorian steam punk style. I totally wanted the dapper Octopus/Cthulhu mecha with a top hat. But I told myself I’d only but “one” thing. And well, Ianeira won out.

So speaking of Ianeira, she’s the mermecha in the big blue box. For an additional 10 local bucks (a little over 3 USD), I got the yellow Grapprap accessory pack. I mean, for that price, why not?

The only thing that actually caught my eye is that gashapon Piccolo you see there. It’s an articulated figure in the 3.75″ scale. Well, actually, it looks to be a tad shorter. Perhaps 3.7″? That’s still acceptable. So he’s too short to be Piccolo, but it’s not like I’m a huge DBZ fan. I’ll just pretend he’s Violin or Vuvuzela, a somewhat short Namekian who looks like Piccolo (because I’m racist like that, all Namekians look the same to me). The figure’s got plenty points of articulation, but the sculpt does limit their range. It also comes with a stand and two alternate right hands, and the cape’s also removable. He’s quite easy to disassemble and reassemble as well, which means you can dismember him and pretend he grows his arms or legs back.

Storm Trooper is just there for scale. And I have no idea what that little shark man thing is. But it’s an incomplete freebie.

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6 Responses to Hauliday 20110911

  1. Wow. I didn’t think they have Ianeira on the market anymore, especially with the Dengeki Exclusive recolor coming out. Are you going to do a review of her?

    Oh, by the way, what country are you in?

  2. updatedude says:

    Ianeira’s been a shelfwarmer for quite some time here in Mah Lazer.

    • Geh, lucky you. You won’t find ANY Busou Shinki wares here in my country. All the ones that are circulating (if they are) are second-hand Shinkis sold through webboards. If you want a shiny new one, it’s only via proxy service straight from Japan.

  3. If only my wallet was that bulletproof… I’m still $70 short of getting Asuka on Ebay. (Well, being one of the rare shinkis out there, it’s kind of a given…)

    Any news of anyone letting go of their Murmeltier? (Yeah, right.)

  4. updatedude says:

    I really oughto find where I left my tons of Murmeltier pics so I can review it. I managed to get some decent pics way back when.

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