Hauliday 20110919 & Review-ite


Hypervelocity Ironman’s there for scale. So they’re about the size of modern 1/18th scale figures. Meaning they’re bigger than 3.75″, but still sorta workable.

Let’s start with getting Agito Trinity Form out of the way, as of the photoshoot, I haven’t opened and messed with him yet. He’s got big shoulder pads though, and is a better value for money compared to Ground Form. And yeah, he retains the head crest gimmick.

Articulation on these guys are great. The elbows are all a little loose but that’s fixable. Elbows are also only single jointed, and there’s no waist articulation except on Birth because of the body switching gimmick. But otherwise, really great articulation. These guys even have double jointed knees.

Sculpt-wise they’re not bad, although the legs feel a scoot long and the paint apps are quite limited. Unfortunately, I lack the skillz to paint them nicely. I also have to find a way to preserve the chest stickers somehow. I think I might just use cellophane. Due to the way the chest split mechanism works, it should be possible to protect the chest stickers with a layer of cellophane.

But when you get down to it, while these Combo Change candy toys need some sprucing up, they’re still fantabulous. You can already see the mix and matches I’m getting from just 3 combos.

Added new pics:

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