Dann of Thursday


In Conclusion
Yeah, get this guy if you like his look. If his look just doesn’t do it for you, I can understand not wanting to drop the bones on ol’ Dann here. But he’s a SUPERBLY articulated figure as you’ll see in the review. Recommended.

Dann of Thursday is from the 2005 anime series “Gun X Sword”, which I believe was dubbed in English. I saw it via subs though. I’ll get into the details of that show when I eventually review it for Mecha Guignol, but suffice it to say, it was really rather good for what it was.

Aesthetically, I was never particularly into Dann. In Gun X Sword, the mech design aesthetics jumped all over the place. We have the classic super robot Eldora V, the “primitive” steam punky mechs that early villains used and even Front Mission-ish types. In fact, the debut villain mech that the classic super robot style Eldora V fought was a somewhat Eva-ish cable/tentacle robot piloted by a mad scientist who looked suspiciously like some sorta Char/Dr. Horrible knockoff. It’s all rather Xenogears really.

Dann for his part, used a very “modern” design. He’s more of a humanoid blood bag filled with this glowy blue fluid with bits of armor stuck on than an actual mech. Sort of like if the Symbiotic Titan wore armor atop its energy-ish body.

But in toy form, Dann looks really good. His “under body” is actually made of translucent plastic, so it has that impression of fluidity. I wished it was more subject to light piping, but oh well.

Dann comes with 4 extra pairs of hands, a pair of extra long hoses to be attached to his legs so you can bend the legs further without fear of breakage (the default hoses are too short to accommodate extreme bends), a back blade piece and a pair of swords that can be combined to form a sword that barely looks any different than the regular bigger sword.

Okay, so… figure handling. When I first took him out, I had trouble standing him up because he has human shaped feet, much like say, the Busou Shinki. He also has a lot of fiddly bits. Not just the shoulder pieces, but on his chest and back as well.

He’s also… kinda totally badass in the posing department.

Like, if he was a donkey, he would be the kind to intentionally kick errant fire lamps about and set entire cities on fire. That’s one hella bad ass.

Dann looks good. And he has all the accessories he can reasonably be expected to have. But regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of the show, he’s one of those figures that you’ll want just for the fact that he’s a posing machine.

Pros: Looks good. Decent accessories. Highly posable.
Cons: Obscure character. Lots of fiddly parts.

Grade: B-

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