Renegades: Cobra Commander

Oh my G.A.W.D.!

In Conclusion
I like this Cobra Commander. They really needed to do the paint apps for his eye differently, and the articulation count’s somewhat lacking. But he’s still a solid figure for a Cobra Commander and a representation of one of the few Cobra Commanders to really “work”. Recommended.

This Cobra Commander is from the 2012 Series 02 wave of G.I. Joe… despite this not being 2012 yet, but oh well. He’s a Renegades figure and is sold alongside the 30th Anniversary figures.

So, the Cobra Commander of the show (G.I. Joe: Renegades, natch) is rather cool. I think he might well be the most menacing CC we’ve ever gotten. He’s not the most physically imposing CC, in fact, he’s probably the least physically imposing one, considering he has GAWDS (Generic Anime Wasting Disease Syndrome). But the way he’s portrayed, he’s probably the Cobra Commander you’d least want to be stuck in a room with. I dig that about ‘im.

Let’s compare Renegades CC to Resolute CC shall we? In terms of toy-ness, they’re both cool designs but have the coat skirt thingy which threatens to make them essentially unposable. Happily, Hasbro tried to get around the weakness of the design by giving Renegades CC’s lower coat a cut on either side and using somewhat bendable plastic for the coat flaps. Sadly, it’s only partially successful, but oh well, he’s still way more posable than Resolute CC.

Of course, the most controversial aspect of Renegades CC is the half masked head design. I admit that over time, I’ve grown used to it. And in fact, I rather like it. On the toy, it looks okay. It would look pretty fantastic but unfortunately, it seems the designers didn’t quite know which path to take CC’s aesthetic. His exposed half looks neither “realistic” nor “animated”. Actually, he looks like half a rejected head sculpt for an aborted Locutus (it’s a Star Trek ref) toy from the 90s.

Which is a shame, considering Renegades CC’s design is such that on a scaled down toy such as this 1/18th scale figure, it would look “realistic” even if they had gone for animation accurate. As it is, his head looks totally derpy on account of that giant people’s eyebrow. I have half a mind to try and remove it with a dab of acetone or something, but I’m afraid that might mess with the skin color of the rest of the head.

Speaking of which, the exposed head parts is a really really pale color that initially didn’t work for me. But under low lighting conditions, that paleness just goes from bland barely yellow to awesome corpse-y blue. As a result, I kind of like it. It’s not show accurate but eh, I can get down with zombie CC.

Of course, if you don’t dig the half exposed head at all, he comes with a full mask version. Once you put that on, he’ll look totally at home with all your other Joe figures. And while we’re at his extra head accessory, let’s talk his other accessories. He comes with a stand, a snake staff he can barely hold without it slipping off (this is the most disappointing thing to me, no, not that the staff isn’t held well, but that he didn’t come with a cane, which is what the cartoon version always had with him), a baby Serpentor and a gun. All in all, it’s a somewhat limited spread, especially considering the insane amounts of accessories that Joes tend to come with these days.

Articulation’s pretty good. As noted earlier, the legs are restricted, but not as bad as it could have been. And the upper body is unrestricted, so he’s quite posable there. All the Renegades figures also come with hinged and swivel wrists. The right hand can bend side to side while the left can flap up and down. CC’s advantage is that his long sleeves hide the hinges quite well, meaning his hands don’t look like he’s having a massive allergic reaction the way the other Renegades toys do.

This guy has his flaws, but if you’re a fan of the show and it’s incarnation of CC in particular, then he’s a good buy. Even if you’re not a fan of the half head, he comes with a perfectly serviceable full mask for all your CC needs.The lower accessory count reduces his bang for buck, especially when compared with the other Joe toys he’s being sold with, but even if he’s not on the top of your shopping list, he should probably be still on the list itself. A recommended toy.

Pros: Generally cool design. Decently articulated.
Cons: Paint deco for head. Lower accessories count.

Grade: B–

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4 Responses to Renegades: Cobra Commander

  1. clark says:

    I just ran across these renegade figures tonight. I’ve really been looking forward to Firefly and Cobra Commander, but after a bit of deliberation I walked away without getting any. They just didn’t seem to fit in with any of my other joe figures, and the paint on CC’s face was pretty disappointing.

    • updatedude says:

      Firefly would fit in decently. Firefly’s pretty darn good actually, especially if you love his character on the show as I did.

      Really though, I don’t see how peeps say these guys are too “animated”. In CC’s case, I think the lack of detail on his exposed head fits with his reptilianess. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if you came across a CC with horrible face paint. Or really, even with nice face paint, he still doesn’t look good at all.

      • clark says:

        I ended up getting Firefly last week when he was on sale. He is a great figure, and I might have to go back and give CC or Duke a chance too.

  2. updatedude says:

    FF’s arguably the best of the bunch though.

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