SHFiguarts: Wild Tiger

I’m doing a thing for Mecha Guignol. Basically, I wanna do all/most of my reviews there since I’m having a hard time posting regularly over here. If I post there, then between that site’s regular content and my toy reviews, at least we can up the regularity a bit.

However, the 600x??? picture format I use here doesn’t really jive with the style there. So the pictures/gallery for a given review will be hosted here on Turquoise Version. There are still pics on the Mecha Guignol review, but you’ll wanna come here for the full gallery.

Anyway, the review for Tiger is here, and it’ll link back to this post. Gallery pics after the jump.

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  2. Nightslash3535 says:

    FYI Softbank is a telecommunication company in Japan.

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