S.H. Figuarts: Greeed Uva

Unlike Greedo, Greeed Uva is greedy.

Greeed Uva is an exclusive from the S.H. Figuarts line and retailed for around 3500 yen.

He’s one of the main bad guys from the series Kamen Rider OOO and this toy more or less represents his “completed” form.

In terms of sculpting & details, show accuracy, paint job and general aesthetics, Uva is terrific.

Articulation is also good. He’s able to assume most poses you’ll want from him. His feet could have been better articulated, but it’s not a deal breaker. They’re still pretty good. However, his hips are pretty loose. They’re firm enough that they don’t need fixing unless you want to, but given the firm fitting of previous Figuarts, this was a bit of a let down.

Uva comes with 3 extra right hands and 1 extra left hand. He also comes with 2 piles of cell medals/silver coins and an articulated figure display stand.

His accessory count is decent if he were a regular Figuarts release, but it’s somewhat limited considering he’s an expensive exclusive. It’s not the best bang for your buck.

His shoulder pads can also fairly easily pop off.

Overall I would not recommend Uva. He looks fantastic and he’s a decent toy. But he’s just a little too expensive for my taste. If you can find him for only a little more than the price of a regular Figuarts, then by all means, he’s not a bad purchase. But at full inflated pricing, he’s not quite worth the bones..

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