Cyberverse Commanders Bulkhead & Starscream

I’ll keep this short and to the point.

These guys are the Transformers Prime, Cyberverse Commander versions. I’ve been collecting this size class lately since I’m leaning toward getting the upcoming Optimus Maximus.

They’re both pretty cool in vehicle mode. Bulkhead’s more solid, but Starscream is impressive just for successfully turning into a decent jet.

Transformation for both are also really good, especially for this size class. I recommend mistransforming Bulkhead a little for his robot mode. His shoulder joints are supposed to sit horizontally to his body, but I prefer having them sit diagonally as it reduces the gorilla proportions and gives him a more buff feel.

The robot mode for Bulkhead is excellent. He’s got all the major points of articulation that I want from this size class (8 points, with shoulders, hips and elbows being ball joints). And he looks cool in general. His chest/gut piece isn’t very show accurate, but oh well, whatcha gonna do? His back is completely hollow though, so he’s best seen from the front or even sides.

Starscream is a mixed bag. He looks great and has incredible flexibility in his poseability. But he can’t stand fer shit. He can stand up, do a very bad looking wide legged stance or beg whilst on his back, or on his hands and knees. But that’s it. He’s able to strike a wide variety of dynamic poses, but he can’t stand in any of them. For Starscream, you’re going to need some modelling clay or maybe a display stand; so that he wouldn’t just call on his ass all the time. Were it not for the balance issue, he would be terrific.

Overall, if you’re a Cyberverse/Legends collector, then these guys are both great. Recommended if you’ve got a tiny army.

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